There’s a Difference Between Bias and Denial

Awhile back, I would sit down and ponder how I could counter the claim: “You’re just biased!”. It’s not really something you can just argue against because the claim, itself, is baseless. From that point on, the debate either has to end or falls to immature bickering because this one baseless argument has no answer to it.

Then, I realized that I am biased. You are biased. We’re all biased. If we have an opinion on something, we’re biased. That’s the cold, hard truth. That doesn’t make your opinion more or less validated, it changes nothing! There are moments when people can be in denial but that’s completely different. 1 thing is feeling inclination towards or prejudice against that particular subject. The other is refusal, no matter the evidence. 

I’m not gonna make a glowing video or blog post about RWBY or Eureka Seven and tell you i’m not fucking biased because I clearly am! I’m not going to shit on Land of the Lustrous for its almost non-existent plot, terrible animation and inertia whilst lying through my teeth that I am not biased against it. Because my bias is a bi-product of my experience with said subject matter and, objectively speaking, we’re all biased once we form our opinions into words. Scientists will probably even say that everyone is, in fact, 2.5% biased. But, really, that sounds like a load of bull because I do not believe you can apply a number to something like this. You’re either biased or you’re not. Which correlates to: you either have an opinion or not.

Maybe I’m just a lunatic but this seems to make the most sense to me. Let me know what you think in the crotch area below.

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  1. I just accept I’m biased because most posts I wrote, I summarized the conclusion that are good enough to convince me, it means I support/agree with them, and sometimes exclude some thoughts that can’t convince me enough.

    I ever watched some scientific experiment to test a theory (in TV). But the project’s owner didn’t conclude if his theory works or not and he didn’t tell his own personal opinion either, to watcher like me (despite they invest so much for that experiment), so I held my head with hand… At least I hope to listen to his opinion so it might spark new better ideas or something. And that is no bias.

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  2. raistlin0903 says:

    I think we all of things that we are biased for. As you say, that changes very little. It’s still your opinion. It might influence a review you are writing for instance, but I usually mention that in the review as to warn people 😊

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    1. theanimeprince says:

      There’s really no point in doing so. Everyone should generally assume it’s biased because opinions are filled with bias. Doesn’t change anything at all. It’s just a thing that exists.

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