PP Pocket Positive: Sword Art Offline Goes Online

Every time I look at you, my sword goes online…

Happy almost Christmas my children and welcome to Pocket Positive! The delightful mini- series where I slice off a section of an “interesting” anime and present to you something worthwhile.

Today is most definitely an interesting case. I’ve decided that, since I am doing a bite-sized post for each of these pocket positives, I might as well excerpt something out of an equally small piece of art. I present to you the spin-off special known as Sword Art Offline! Very obscure anime, you may not know of it.

Anyways, I should probably get to the point. A chunk of what you might find redeemable in this short is that it presents new and, honestly, more interesting dialogue than quite a lot of the conversations you might find in the main series. Getting the knowledge that Heathcliff was not only the final boss in floor 100 but also that he had multiple forms built some speck of excitement within me to want to understand more of the world inside Sword Art Online… Only to realize that we’ll never really see that and for all we know, this isn’t canon. Regardless, this is information you’d only find watching this special and there’s more in there you might like to munch on.

If you thought this was a fun little anecdote and would like to see more leave a like and a comment and I’ll continue to provide what you seek.

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