PP Pocket Positive: Ashes of Cool Character Design

Red Ash: Gearworld has a lot of exciting antics going on about it. But the one thing I wanna talk about is the intrigue of its character design.

G’day my friends and welcome to Pocket Positive. The weekly mini-series where I burn out a section of good content out of less than desirable anime. 

When someone looks at the characters of Red Ash, we immediately think of Megaman Legends and their characters. And, of course, that may lead to the preposition that these characters don’t look half as iconic as the previous ones. You would be right to think so. However, that doesn’t mean Red Ash still isn’t good in that aspect. The main characters have this muddied out, almost scrappy look to them. Like they clearly have been moving around a lot in some of the lower class sections of its world. This can be read from Beck and Tyger‘s partially tan skin in contrast to Call‘s lighter looking skin (this also tells me that Call is probably a newer member of their gang). As well as Tyger’s safari looking clothes.

You can tell they travel together. As a ragtag group, Call is obviously the one who does the tinkering on things that need it and Tyger is almost a Father figure but not entirely due to the nature of his stance as well as holding a gun, signifying that he isn’t as much of a Father figure as he is a member of this seemingly small brigade of rebels. If we had any doubt Tyger was prepared for battle, he’s also wearing a shoulder plate for extra “badass” effect. Beck’s armor almost doesn’t look like armor, telling us that this is light armor. This means that whatever power or weapon he uses, he requires to be light on his feet. Likely that he’s more of a melee fighter, as well.

Call’s case is a little less interesting but I can tell you for sure that even though her outfit also follows a more scrappy design, I can tell that it is less “in style” for their gang’s line of work. Probably in an effort to define her character as a more foreign kind of person. The long jeans says that she doesn’t like getting her legs dirty while tinkering and her top insists for some light fan- service. (That midriff though!) And I think the brown gloves, matching with her brown shoes as well as the giant wrench speaks for themselves.

If you found this interesting, leave me a comment telling me you want more or maybe even a suggestion on what anime you’d like me to briefly dissect, should you feel like doing so.

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