Character Trial 37: Masquerade

Masquerade, your stereotypical masked figure that happens to be the personification of darkness. And it just so happens he holds this card known as the “Doom Dimension”. OOOO! CHILLS!

“What makes him evil?”, you might ask? Answer: He desires nothing more than to send all bakugans to, said, doom dimension. Why? Answer: I think it has something to do with “The will of Naga” or something. Probably not a big deal. Anyways, for awhile he was the number 1 brawler. No, he wasn’t good with his fists. He was a “battle brawler”! It’s a game where you roll balls… That’s my best definition, take it or leave it.

Okay fine! I’ll get to the main course: Masquerade doesn’t have a pe- I mean, Masquerade is actually Alice! Surprise! God, that was such a cool reveal… Easily, the best thing Bakugan ever produced. Ah! Sorry, I am procrastinating… Don’t worry! My accurate information that rivals even wikipedia returns now!

So, I think she and Dan eventually made a baby. Yeah, it was kind of weird for awhile in their relationship since Dan thought she was a guy for a period of time. But true love finds its ways. Uhh… Her main bakugan is also an “Alpha Hydranoid” (Darkus). And if you’re thinking “that sounds cool as shit” well, it is cool as shit! It’s a fuckin’ 3-headed dragon! What’s not to love about this chick? 

Anyways, I think that’s it? Yeah? Yeah. Maybe she got into college. Majored in bio engineering. I don’t know. Go ask her yourself.

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