Character Trial 36: Joey Wheeler

Joey‘s more than just a Brooklyn accent and 1 amazing night, he’s also one of the greatest duelists to ever be conceived! Shitting on kids like Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba, nobody could stop this knucklehead from grabbing the Gods by the balls and takin’ back his Red-Eyes.

Duelist kingdom runner up! Battle City Seminfinals! 8th place in the Grand Championship! These are all just small time accomplishments to set up the greatest duelists’ legacy as the eternal Brooklyn God of New York (Japan) ! He “ain’t” playin’ either, he’s always carrying a duel disk around; waiting for his next challenger to approach him. Only true Gods are always prepared.

Sister? Serenity: Bombshell Goddess that is all-seeing.

Mother? Dunno but T H I C C

Joey’s the kind of guy to take what he pleases. Showing true animalistic instincts the like of which no furry could even compare! Eh? Y’want more info? He’s a freakin’ genius! A prodigal son! Jesus of Yu-Gi-Oh! Ye “ain’t” “needa” know more than that, cerdo!

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