Atom: The Beginning and Beyond

Sci-fi is generally not my thing. But if I said I wasn’t a fan of robots, I’d be fuckin’ lying! In fact, I hope to personally build a robot myself one day; as a hobby, of course. Atom: The Beginning is the prequel to Astro Boy and while that is a very cook little fact, Atom stands on its own as basically robot porn. It doesn’t necessarily show you how to build a robot but the characters here show you their method, reasoning and ideals for creating a robot with a human heart. While briefly explaining some of the methods and reasoning behind how others made their robots and what kind of robots they are; e.g. “piloting” types, “A.I.” types and “remote” types (I believe that’s what their called.).

Beyond that scope, the background and music bring a very peaceful yet competitive vibe to the show. There’s never really a reason to be on the edge of your seat even when things look rough because the mood never changes into a dramatic or scary scenario. But at the same time, Tenma and the others’ motivation so see A106 succeed and prove themselves victorious in every confrontation drew tremors from my body! Like, they clearly put a lot of passion and heart into this robot and this makes their research feel that much more exciting because they also want A106 to reach that level of heart and passion; knowing that, you can’t help but support it. But beyond that peaceful and competitive vibe, I can’t help but feel it is also melancholic considering the tragedies that happens from here… Let’s Rocket!

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