The Unfortunate Creation of King’s Game

The asinine novel known as King’s Game was created by Nobuaki Kanazawa

And yes, he did name the main character after himself. I certainly wouldn’t judge him based on that alone but watching just the first 2 episodes of the anime adaptation was enough to give me an idea of the kind of story it was considering I have experience writing this kind of thing myself and have seen other people writing similar books and novels.

A main character is thrust into a horror story where all his loved ones die, not necessarily due to his actions but because said loved ones either reject him during the King’s Game or the King’s Game takes them away from him by viciously murdering them. Main character, in this case, Nobuaki decides to be the chivalrous guy that he is and try to save everyone no matter how many times he gets screwed by the same people he is trying to save; only to inevitably get screwed again and I am sure at some point in the novel he dies to some girl who kind of wanted his dick but was too batshit insane to want it without killing him. That’s just a guess off the top of my head.

Upon viewing the anime, I could tell right from the get-go this was a college depression story. Something people write after or during college (High School works, too) where people hash out all of their dark feelings inside one terribly cynical narrative. Granted, this was all a theory of mine only until I took the time to research this and found that it’s true that he wrote this after college.

The king’s game itself is a clear metaphor for society which drags his friends away from him or turns them against him. The heroic main character is just Nobuaki’s (the writer) arrogance and a way to convince himself that none of his problems are his fault, he’s always been a good guy and he deserves “better”.

The difference between most college depression stories and King’s Game is that this one actually got published and Nobuaki has continued to write more on it. Which I find sad, to be honest. Regardless, I think this’ll give viewers some closure as to why the show feels like it is just throwing nonsense at you one after another. 

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  1. It certainly does answer some things about this series. It is weird to find an author fully inserting themselves into the narrative (as opposed to people just applying similar characteristics unknowingly to their MC). I mean it probably is why I thought the prequel story, Kigen, wasn’t as hard to sit through as the original. The removal of this centerpiece allowed for an attempt to make interesting characters (who aren’t all high school students mind you). In this sense maybe the first one offers a more psychological look into its author rather than as a clear cut narrative, but that still is not even close enough to make me reread it…

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