Aquarion EVOL│The Art of Emotion

Sometimes, I just like to highlight certain strengths of anime that are, mostly, unique to them because I want to see more of these specific qualities in other anime in the future.

 Aquarion EVOL is definitely an oddball I’d “LOVE” to put on blast! I coincidentally watched Aquarion EVOL not long after I saw one of my favorite anime: Eureka Seven!

I have a great appreciation for the beautiful character designs that I fell in love with on-sight. Because even though they could’ve gotten away with some typical designs of just throwing on a bunch high school outfits or uniforms; they decided to give them clothing that show some level of personality. For example, Zessica wears very skimpy clothing particularly because she has an ability that allows her to extend Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) through her exposed skin.

And she has an arc kind of similar to Talho in that she decides to wear less skimpy clothing (even though, her outfit was arguably still just as skimpy) and really it’s a little more complicated but the point being: there’s a fair number of similarities between the two shows. Unsurprisingly the creator of Aquarion EVOL, who was also a mechanical designer; happens to be the mechanical designer for Eureka Seven. And you probably know this guys’ work as a mechanical designer because he’s worked on tons of them and some of the most popular ones warrant naming like Ghost in The Shell, Macross, Outlaw Star and funny enough, Transformers. So, it made a lot of sense realizing that the Aquarion looked very similar in style compared to the Nirvash.

And while it would definitely be reaching to say EVOL is as great, I feel in one part it did manage to match its quality is in its grasp of human emotions. At least, in terms of the level of expressiveness emitted by each character. Which, is a strength Aquarion EVOL prioritized what with it being literally an anime expressed through the love amongst their characters and drama between them while also having just badass mecha battles and a beautiful sci-fi world that I am almost certain took some inspiration from the aforementioned Eureka Seven just a lot less developed, in a way. One of my favorite romantic pairing happens to contain one of my least favorite characters in the show which are Yunoha and Jin. And I really like Jin, he’s an awesome guy. I guess what I did like about Yunoha is the exact reason I don’t like her: she’s so inferior as a character because she has no partner to mirror or bounce off of which is a critical factor in this series since everyone else has a pre- determined relationship that constantly develops right from the get-go. But before and after Jin appears, Yunoha is just kind of annoying or depressing but Jin brings out the best in her and overall he’s my favorite because he’s the most tragic of all the villains and the sheer emotion shared between him and Yunoha was the most impactful part of the anime. Dare I say, I might’ve cried if I had a soul.

…Jin. 😥


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  1. lynlynsays says:

    I love Aquarion EVOL. It’s really unique XD

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    1. theanimeprince says:

      Funny… That’s exactly what I said when I first saw you! ;D

      Liked by 1 person

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