Hajimete no Gal isn’t COMPLETE trash…


But it’s pretty awful for reasons that should be obvious once you turn on the first episode. It starts off with useless panning shots of Yame‘s tits and very admirably drawn pussy… 

But here me out: What this anime, so far, does better than other trashy anime is present their heroine in an understandable fashion. She see’s the super generic main character, Junichi, and verbally abuses his dumb face because he was looking at a porn magazine in class (which is extremely unrealistic, but we’ll gloss over that ‘cuz this was actually a pretty good scene). What I like here was that Yame wasn’t presented in any specific way; she just reacted as any normal human being would’ve. There was no stereotypical romantic subtext it was just a normal reaction.

Which is fucking uncommon in anime! But seriously, she’s depicted as this kind of raunchy girl but in reality, she’s just someone that’s willing to accept whatever she gets but she wants genuine love. Even if the first person that likes her clearly isn’t in it for her personality, she keeps acting in this raunchy and non-chalant manner in an attempt to get him to like her for Her; not just DAT BODY. But, of course, she feels that in order to keep him interested she needs to pander to his pervy side. At least, that’s what she thinks. She doesn’t realize the moment she reveals how shy and romantic she truly is, Jinichi would  be harder than Mount Rushmore. You can see this when she invites him out to karaoke and says “none of my girl friends wanted to go so I invited you last minute!” even though last episode Ranko literally told her that she would go to Karaoke with her any day.

So, you may be asking: “Is that all Mr. Monocle? Is that the only redeeming factor of this intensely trashy series?”

My answer is: Yes. That’s it. The biggest failure of this series is the main character and his pals. His friends are the main driving force of this series but they are meant to be very comedic at the same time. Kind of like those guys from Prison School except their not funny. Which is literally the only thing they do: They act stupid as shit so that the main character will progress through the story with the same “stupid as shit” mentality. And it’s this part of the series that fundamentally creates a disconnect between viewer and characters because they don’t want to take anything seriously. Using Shinichi as an example, whenever he doubts something to be true he often thinks about it but instead of directly hearing his thoughts like any normal person, they decide to make a comedy skit of  separate personalities within him arguing and cracking jokes like this is Tom and Jerry. No! This is supposed to be an anxious loser who repeatedly doubts anything good happening to him. But that’s not gonna feel real to the viewer if you just keep making immature jokes like this.

Now, if this show didn’t have these flaws, would it be good? Probably not. I mean, we already have so many romance stories out there and while I do like the aesthetic of this one; it’s ultimately just another high school romcom. As if we needed any more of those. I just can’t entertain the idea of me actually enjoying a series like this anymore. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed. Like comment and subscribe! As they say… Ah… Kill me.

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  1. Good review dear 😊😊 x x

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