Character Trial 35: Emilia

emilia.pngEmilia is the cutest half- elf in the history of histories! She smiles a lot and that’s cute! I just love her so much.

On top of that, she… uh… she smiles! Isn’t that the cutest thing in the world! 😀

Nobody else smiles like Emilia, her smile is the single greatest thing I’ve ever seen! It’s what my heart beats for, it’s my purpose for living! Nobody understands how much I love Emilia!

And you know what? You should too! Emilia is everything in this world and that isn’t an overstatement! It’s a law of every world that exists and you should follow said law religiously!


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  1. I feel like characters like Emilia are always underrated and hated on. People forget that strength comes in many forms. Emilia is adorable xD

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    1. theanimeprince says:

      I love Emilia.


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