Character Trial 33: Chazz Princeton

chazz2It is evident that the term “PU55ZYS14Y3R” wasn’t part of the dictionary until Chazz Princeton came into existence.

Chazz is a very charismatic individual. Every duel he plays in is a guarantee the crowd has his back and chants his name. He’s like the AJ Styles of Yu-Gi-Oh. The difference is that Chazz is much better than even AJ Styles.

You see, Chazz is more than just a charismatic superstar. He’s also an omnipotent GOD! Don’t believe me? Perhaps I need to tell you of the 10 facts of Chazz

  1. Chazz has the ability to drop the panties of every girl in the universe with his mind.
  2. When Chazz duels, he doesn’t duel with monster cards. He duels with the spirits of his long gone fans.
  3. It is said that on Chazz’s birth; there was a sudden appearance in the universe that came like an explosion signaling the birth of 3 giant naked women circling the Earth but in reality, they are circling Chazz Princeton.
  4. Chazz’s crotch is undeniably holy.
  5. Chazz makes being a white knight look cool.
  6. Chazz makes being a snob look cool.
  7. Reasons 5 and 6 are legitimate facts, seriously go watch yugioh gx.
  8. Chazz beat Aster fucking Pheonix the same guy that beat Jaden.
  9. Back to alternative facts, Chazz has the ability to impregnate a woman and sue them.
  10. Some speculate that Chazz created the universe. I mean, it is the only logical sense why he is, not only the most beloved character in all of yugioh, but also that his fans chant “Chazz it up” because it’s clear the universe was bland and empty until Chazz Chazz’d it up.

I am 100% sure you are now a believer and eternal follower of Chazz. Thank you for joining the cult.

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    1. Now THIS takes me back.

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      1. theanimeprince says:

        Chazz it up!

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