My Perspective On Anime│A Silent Voice and Other Different Anime


a silent voiceI wanted to bring to attention my perspective in anime to give an idea of, not only the genres I like, but what kind of anime you can expect me to talk about throughout my time here.

I believe the kind of anime a person likes speaks a lot about the life they lived and affects the taste of the kind of anime they like.

Koe no Katachi AKA “A Silent Voice” is a perfect example because the themes it expresses is perfectly relatable to anyone that had to grow up being bullied. Hell, it even speaks to former bullies and how rough they themselves have had it. Because nobody likes bullying; even the bullies don’t like it, we’re all just victims of circumstances and it hurts that we feel like we have nobody that can be there for us. To help us in our time of need and we can only think of a single way out…

I am so happy that this film has touched the hearts of many fans out there and because I truly believe in the love anime is meant to bring to those lost in the dark.

And I think A Silent Voice is good in that aspect. But unfortunately, I just didn’t relate to it in the same way. Because my perspective is.. very bizarre. You see, I was never that unattractive kid that got bullied. In fact, growing up I was actually considered fairly attractive and a few girls even liked me. But I just never fit in. I wasn’t one of “the cool kids” because our interests didn’t align.. Actually, I didn’t fit in with any of the kids because I had no interests. There was never anything to talk about with me. I think it was just that I didn’t really “think” about life. I just thought about going through the motions in life. Go to school, pass tests with straight As. Even though, I love to laugh more than anyone else, back then I don’t even think I had a reason to smile.. or even to frown.

I don’t even necessarily think I was depressed; it was more like absolute neutrality. But whenever I think about how I used to be and how I still sort of am like that- I want to cry. I want to cry because it’s hard to relate to things- especially to people.

But my childish self did meet someone who genuinely smiled at me and showed me that life has a variety of different colors. All the other kids looked and felt the same to me, but she was unpredictable. I think her sudden interest in hearing the moans of bunnies while they had sex was the moment it clicked in my brain that this person is someone special.

Little did I know, I was this clown that a lot of people considered funny. As I grew with my new vision of the world, I think I slowly gave up on humanity. I saw it in a negative fashion and I had also built this relationship with God. But it was the kind of relationship that felt like I had to take responsibilities for those around me and even do God’s work in his absence. Thus, I sunk into this “God complex”. Almost like I was above humans. Like, I cared for them but I knew that I had to make up for their mistakes. I think it’s obvious where this story goes; I was clearly mistaken. But I’ve lived this cold way of life for so long that for a moment I didn’t know who I was. I think my happy rebellious personality was just a persona. A persona that had his own beliefs and interests. But I did find myself oddly strong for a kid who’s been abandoned by everyone he’s cared for and lives in a house of depressed family members who seem to have lost their sight of the color in this world.

I thought it was just that, deep down, I didn’t care for life. I didn’t care for any of it. Humans are all similar and there’s nothing about this world that interests me. I don’t fit into this inferior society that has a hard time just thinking. Yeah, I was that kind of pretentious prick. But I realized that.. It wasn’t ME. It was a part of me. It was a demon that is his own victim of circumstance and in a way, I think that reflected on me that almost all humans are a victim of circumstance. And I accepted my demon. It was a part of me that made me strong and really, I am not just the happy rebellious type. I am the rebellious and analytical type. My intent in life is to show my creative ability and for that ability to make people smile. To make people look forward in life and to realize that even though it is a human instinct to “worry” about all the bad things in life, instead of worrying you laugh, brush it off and work towards the goal. Even if things are taken away from you, take it back. Grit your teeth. A certain person told me to “never give into rage because your unbreakable smile is the reason I love you.”

And I will always apologize for giving into rage the first and only time in life. But I promise, it will never happen again.

That’s me. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a perfect anime that’ll come close to relating to my background, even though it’s not much more complex compared to those that relate to A Silent Voice but really who’s life ISN’T complex? 

Anyways, you know me. So, you might understand my appeal in anime a little more or at least understand it as soon as I inevitably explain it to you.

I’ve  come to understand that I am part of a niche audience. I really like these big fantastical stories with deep characters and long- standing narratives. I’m generally not a big fan of anime that takes place in a realistic setting especially one as overdone as high school. And I like serious stories, y’ know? Like, comedy anime just doesn’t interest me because it’s anime that overpowers the narratives with corny jokes. I will say that it’s success has caused it to evolve. Instead of getting generic setting (mostly high school) and just cramming in gag after gag; nowadays, we insert a unique idea like.. A man who can punch anything in one fatal blow or a feminine dragon that lives with a young female adult. And that’s something to praise, but it’s still the same thing. It’s just an anime meant to have a laugh and that’s just not my cup of tea.

That’s not to say I don’t like to have a laugh. I mean, I laugh more than anybody I’ve ever known and sometimes it’s for no reason. I just don’t think the comedy should overpower the narrative or undermine the characters. I get why it’s popular and I understand that it’s just substantially easier to insert a unique idea rather than attempt to create something super complex and dynamic like the stories that typically interest me.



An example of an anime I personally relate and endear to because it suits my interests is Rage of Bahamut: Genesis. A surprisingly good show for it’s short air time and detailed world. Favaro is one of a few characters I relate to on a personal level because our humor is similar and we’re both strong- willed in the way that we’ll always fight what we want and don’t really care about the obstacles in our path. We’re also not exactly honorable people but, hey, I am proud of myself nonetheless.

Oh and RWBY. I love RWBY. But it deserves it’s own post, so keep an eye out for that. If you made it this far: I think it’s safe to say you are eligible to make love to me. So, thank you! It means a lot that you would read this and I hope you stick around…


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  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Great post. As a person that has been bullied quite a lot in his life, I can probably relate a lot to this movie (I unfortunately have not yet seen it). But it sounds like a great film indeed. Honestly my taste of anime that I enjoy watching is pretty diverse. I can enjoy episodes of Attack on Titan just as much as Yuri on Ice or Your Lie in April. So I don’t really have a “type” of anime. But that goes the same for movies and tv shows. As long as it is done well, I can enjoy it, no matter what it is. I wonder what that says about me lol. Seriously though, well written post and very brave of you to share such a personal story 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theanimeprince says:

      I think it says you are a very accepting person and are very sociable.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. raistlin0903 says:

        Aww, thank you for these kind words. That really os a wonderful thing to say, appreciate it 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I like ecchi shows. I wonder what that says about my life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theanimeprince says:

      Oh! You crooked judge youuuuu! :3

      Liked by 1 person

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