SukaSuka (WorldEnd)│This Show Makes No Goddamn Sense


I really find it hard to understand WorldEnd. And not for lack of trying because this looks like the kind of anime I’d enjoy.

But the problem is: it’s a jumbled mess of ideas that don’t feel connected to each other. Things just happen and a lot of times we don’t even get to see those things happen. A lot of what WorldEnd is for the first few episodes- is just a serious amount of exposition- Foreshadowing Willem‘s past and explaining what these girls are exactly.  And this is where I first start to criticize the show for it’s clear lack of creativity.

Firstly, it tells us that certain characters are a certain race while those races clearly don’t match up to what they are normally portrayed to act or look like. Which is fine, there’s not really a problem but couldn’t you just come up with a race on your own? Because it does create a few complications like the girls being “leprechauns” but in the military they are known as “fairy soldiers”. I get that “leprechaun soldiers” isn’t as catchy but what is really the point of calling them leprechauns?

Leprechauns in this show are apparently little girls that mimic an extinct race that has a name I can’t quite pronounce but basically these extinct creatures are the only ones that can wield the weapons known as “carillions” and since leprechauns can mimic those creatures, they also can wield the carillions… It’s convoluted but basically they perfectly mimic an extinct race so well that they just are that race.

My point is: if you just called them fairies who would question it? For all we know, horses don’t look at all like horses in this world. Calling them leprechauns, then calling them fairy soldiers- it really doesn’t matter. It just complicates things more than it has to. Hell, it would make MORE sense if they were called fairies because these girls grow huge ass butterfly lookin’ wings and fly!

What about those islands? You would think they would have any amount of creativity to give islands their own names but all they do is give them numbers like none of the islands are in any way different.

in episode 4 where they go to the only island that seems to have a name , Willem and the little green girl, who’s supposed to be getting character development this episode but ultimately she matters just about as much as the other little girls and that’s not at all. But back to what I was saying, they go to this island which is a city that looks SO interesting to look at but most of the show takes place in the warehouse.. Like, have you no sense of adventure? You have this beautiful world and instead we have to constantly look at walls made out of wood and decorations that tell us nothing. I don’t like stories that are so compact like this, it just feels condensed and mindless. I can’t even put it into words how tired I am of seeing the lunchroom.

The characters are all boring and stereotypical. Willem starts off kind of interesting but falls off because of the plot of the show. You think this show has some grand idea behind it but it’s actually just Willem being a nanny. And that’s almost all his character is there for and that’s sad because he’s not even good at being a nanny! He takes the girls outside, doesn’t do a very good job at looking after them and one jumps off a cliff because she’s chasing after a ball which most of the kids were playing with. By the way, who’s idea was it to make the super secret storehouse on top of a cliff in plain sight? Yeah, it’s in the middle of nowhere but wouldn’t it be a lot more secure in a forest that’s prohibited to enter and on flat ground where these kids can’t jump off cliffs? I get that the government could care less about them and I don’t disagree with that. But it would be kind of a waste if they died from stupidity. 

And really, that’s all there is to say about the kids. It doesn’t feel like the show tries to make you care about any one of them. They are just there because it “feels” easier for Willem to care about children and look at them like their his daughters. Also, lolis.

There’s also this “feel bad” kind of vibe you’re supposed to get from them because it establishes that fairy soldiers do not care about their lives or acknowledge pain. Even though, the older fairy soldiers clearly do care to some extent. I mean, this entire series has gone for like 7 episodes now and the only character getting any amount of character development, that being Chtholly, clearly expresses concern with her life even when she’s thinking of sacrificing herself. And the other 2 girls who do not matter, they are the definition of stereotypes. One is an eccentric cat- girl who teases Chtholly about her obvious interest in Willem literally EVERY TIME they talk. It’s the only memorable thing about her and the other girl is just a kuudere. But they still express some level of interest in life that I don’t imagine them throwing their lives away recklessly like this messed up plot suggests.

My only theory on how this could make sense is if when they go through this specific procedure that allows certain chosen leprechauns to “grow up”; they also grow out of the typical edgy phase of “not wanting to live”. Which, I know some people are gonna be like “oh wow! This really says something about teens and how they grow out of phases like the emo phase! It’s SO relatab-” no… it’s just dumb, i’m sorry it is.

Speaking of dumb things, I think Chtholly broke several records in anime history. One being: she fell in love with the protagonist faster than The Flash could win a race. Second, she somehow made eating a guys’ homemade cake to be more overly-dramatic than Death Note. And it’s not like I don’t understand why that scene was so… e-emotional for her but it took so long to capitalize on that small conflict within Chtholly that it just felt like it came too suddenly.

But really, what was probably the dumbest part of the show so far was when they tried to pass off Chtholly’s “broken” status as a major death scene when she literally wakes up 5 minutes later for no reason and confesses to Willem and he doesn’t acknowledge it whatsoever. I don’t even think it’s gonna be brought back up. She even says “take a hint dummy” FUCKING TAKE THE HINT AND FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF IT! WHAT THE ACTUAL ICHIKA! OH! I’m so done! Everything about that scene was so bad I felt emotionally attacked by it.

The plot’s all over the place as I’ve probably mentioned. There’s almost no details to what we’re fighting in the story and in turn what the conflict even is. We get the idea but knowing nothing about the enemy besides them being random Kaiju monsters really gives a huge sense of disconnect because we do not know exactly how strong the characters are vs the monsters. We just kind of have to take their word on it when they said: “oh yeah, this specific monster is too hard to beat without sacrifices”. It doesn’t help that we don’t even get to see the fights happen. We see glimpses when Chtholly feels like a period is coming but we don’t see the fights as they play out. We’re mostly just stuck with Willem talking to other uninteresting characters about how those characters do not give a shit about the fairy soldiers “because we can just magically give birth to new ones and we’re not exactly going to explain how we do that.”

I think this sums up my opinion on WorldEnd or SusaSuka; glad to be your handsome host for this post; DM me if you wanna see more of what I have offer… heheehhe…

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