Character Trial 30: Sinbad

sinbad2Sinbad, otherwise known as “Mr. Stealyobitch”, is king of Sindria and leader of the Seven Seas Alliance. He’s also president of the Sindria Trading Company and a million other things because he doesn’t care if you try your hardest every day in your efforts in being productive- Sinbad defies time, he’s productive for more than 24/7 and still has time to get laid!

Sinbad, similarly to Gieve from Arslan Senki has a fascination with bedding women. But it’s much much worse. Any female on sight gets bedded by this man and it won’t matter where. It is said that he once encountered an enemy in the battlefield in a war that just happened to be female and even though the mass bloodshed and fighting ensued over him- he bedded her on the spot. There were enemies that tried to kill him but while actively bedding this enemy he had pinned down he was able to fend off multiple attacks and even participate in the war.

Alternative fact.

Sinbad’s first appearance in Magi was after he was robbed for sleeping in the outskirts of Sindria and was even stripped of his clothes. He was naked and it was glorious.

Although, it is speculated that Sinbad isn’t completely straight. He has had multiple encounters with Judar and some would say that even though they seem to not like each other, they look at each other like lovers.

Hmmm… Yes, I believe I can safely state that Sinbad has bedded Judar as fact. It’s all inbetween the lines. We are unsure of who Sinbad plans to bed next. He’s looked at Alibaba with a keen eye, a very keen eye. However, it is unsure when he will make that move. One minute Sinbad is standing and seems to have no intention of doing anything but the next he pounces like a frog in the air. Taking to the skies and croaking in the wind… THAT… Is Sinbad, Ruler of All Beds.

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