Boruto Part 2│The Set-up To Hopefully Success


Episode 3 is where Boruto starts to spiral downwards. The episode starts with the kids having to do shuriken training. Metal Lee is introduced who is basically shown to be super strong for their age because he spends most of his time training in the mountains. He’s even good in shuriken throwing since he nails two shurikens on target. But when senpai notices him, he gets nervous and screws up everything. Core problem: EVERYONE IS SENPAI!

Regardless, they get into trouble and some of the kids, including Metal Lee, Shikadai and Boruto are obligated to work on Naruto’s face mountain which got damaged by Boruto and Denki when they crashed a train into it. This is where the inconsistencies start because we repeat the same scene from the start of the show when Metal Lee screwed up because people were looking at him. But instead, he screws up, even though nobody was looking at him right away. 


After that, Shikadai basically tells him that being as strong as he is doesn’t matter if he’s nervous all the time which is to set up for Metal being possessed by this weird purple-ish chakra that Boruto can see later on. But the best and probably only good scene of this episode was when Shikadai was talking to his parents: Shikamaru and Temari. Shikamaru gives Shikadai some genuinely good advice and Shikadai learns to, basically not be too much of a dick. We then get a, partially useless but still entertaining scene where Temari guess what Shikamaru and Shikadai are thinking, that is: “What a BI-drag”. After that, she takes away their meal.

Shikadai eventually decides that he needs to apologize to Metal Lee but Lee gets possessed and the rest is just predictable. I think this episode was intended to develop Lee and Shikadai a little while also putting Lee over as probably the strongest kid in class but the way he returned back to consciousness only made him look like a goofball. And he is a goofball! But the problem is that he wasn’t supposed to be a goofball when he was possessed, it just made this mysterious villain look like a goofball as well.


Episode 4 is probably worse. It started promising because I was genuinely interested in how ninjas learn summoning in class and we got a little bit of that. But it turns into this battle of the sexes which I did not care for because there was no way this would, nor should it be, allowed. You don’t stop general classes to resolve a childish dispute which should just remain as a childish dispute because that’s what they are: children. Give them a moment to argue and later on in the series have them resolve the issue because the leader of both sexes: Boruto and Sarada are gonna be on the same team anyways. There’s legitimately no reason to waste our time on this “battle of the sexes” bullshit. But we do and it’s just a quick way to get Boruto and Sarada to “respect” each other. There is a small trace of narrative in the end of the episode but it’s nothing that hasn’t been mentioned before. 

Mitsuki is also introduced and it’s supposed to be mysterious but we already know who Mitsuki is.. He didn’t even need to show up in the end of the episode. If you had just took the same scene and put it in the next episode, it probably would’ve made more sense. But they wanted to give that cliffhanger effect, which really did nothing for me.


Episode 5 and 6 are closely tied together because Mitsuki has a 2- episode character arc quite early on. Boruto and his friends chase down a delinquent who got possessed and the delinquent eventually runs into Mitsuki and gets his teeth kicked in. Now, the problem is that Mitsuki, in the span of these two episodes, is built up to take murder as the general course of action whenever an enemy confronts him. Or at the very least, he doesn’t know how to hold back. But he doesn’t kill this kid which is inconsistent. It’s not that I wanted the delinquent to die because obviously that’d complicate things way too much but when you set your character to think a certain way, it’s best to follow through with that mentality because you’re telling us that this character is like this but upon introduction he acted in a way that isn’t like him. At the very least, Mitsuki could’ve been a little more brutal to show that Mitsuki is a dangerous character at this point in time. 


Mitsuki brings up a question that I’d like to ask myself: “Why is it that we are the only ones without a classroom?”. This didn’t make sense to me because the entire academy was destroyed in the battle of the sexes. So, how was it that other classes still took class in their classrooms? The only logical thing I could come up with is that every other classroom had been reconstructed except for the one classroom our characters happened to use which would also mean that in the span of what was probably 3 days at most, the hidden leaf construction team worked record- breakingly fast! But that is not the case because we can see in the same episode that only about half of the academy has been reconstructed.

Moving on, the students take combat practice and the fight we initiate this scene with is Iwabe vs Boruto and Iwabe wins to re- iterate that Iwabe is stronger than Boruto. This was to “kind of” put Mitsuki over when he challenges Iwabe and Mitsuki starts attacking before the match officially begins because Mitsuki doesn’t understand playing fair. After a few hits in, Iwabe states that Mitsuki is weak and this tells us that… Well, Mitsuki is weak. He’s not a very strong- hitter and that’s about what I expected. But Mitsuki does grapple around Iwabe into a sleeper hold and even wraps his legs around his belly which tells us that Mitsuki is  trying to suffocate Iwabe to death.


Mitsuki stops after Boruto tells him to stop because Mitsuki really wants Boruto to like him for some reason. Which I am not sure if I like or not. On one hand, I like a bit of mystery but on the other hand, I just don’t see why Mitsuki has to have this convoluted arc before his relationship, which he might want sexually, with Boruto actually becomes a thing. It’s fine that Mitsuki is part of the same class and they happen to hang out but what’s the point if he doesn’t feel legitimately terrifying. You could’ve kept him on the down- low for awhile until he was teamed up with Boruto and given him a character arc that made him develop out of his murder phase. I just don’t like the timing because we could be using this time to develop other characters that will probably be ignored later on like Inojin or Denki. Then we’ll have to wait too long for them to get any development and it’ll just be this massive mess of misused character arcs that drag on and we end up ignoring the narrative for too long for it to even matter.


Episode 6 was just boring. Not because nothing happened but it didn’t make complete sense and it tried to tell us that to basically buy in that it was following the narrative but it was still mostly just character arcs intertwining into one episode which made it cheap because things these characters learned felt cheapened by the fact that they are basically sharing one episode and what they learned isn’t explicit. Like, Shino is depressed because he’s a bad teacher which is why he gets possessed and starts beating on children; I just think that Shino is too old at this point to be having this specific kind of development I don’t care that he was pretty much ignored throughout the main series. He’s not exactly going to be a major character for this one, either. And Mitsuki is still having his own character arc which I already stated what problems it has. Mitsuki, Shikadai and Boruto fight off possessed Shino with a “clever” plan which wasn’t incredibly clever. I thought the fight against Metal Lee was much more appealing before the end. In that fight, they showed how to use their powers intelligently. In this one, they throw each other into Shino until Mitsuki drags him under water and electrocutes him like an electric eel. For the sake of “development”, Mitsuki didn’t have enough in him to swim back up so Boruto jumped in and couldn’t carry his weight so Shino jumped in and carried both of them back up and for some reason needed to summon a giant insect even though I am almost positive he could’ve just carried them back up himself but they wanted to make it slightly more dramatic. Of course, all this happened solely to create a scenario where Shino can redeem himself for mistreating his students but fine.


Finally, we get the scene where Shino talks with Naruto about how he was possessed. Again, only insinuating that they are following the narrative by talking about it in the end rather than  giving us an episode where they actually follow the narrative. On another note, this scene kind of baffles me because it tells me that the glowing purple chakra that only Boruto can see isn’t very smart if it decides to take control of a high- ranking officer and not expect them to go running off telling the hokage that there is something dangerous loose in the village. Which in turn, also tells me that this is probably just a minor villain that is only there to kick start the series by telling us that Boruto has a special power that only he possesses and not much else is gonna come out of this arc.

So, I liked the start of the show. It had a lot of information between the lines and it didn’t insult it’s viewers by blatantly telling us outright like a lot of other series do but, so far, it kind of devolved into nonsense that’s going too fast on certain aspects that don’t even need to be addressed right now and too slow on the narrative and seems afraid to admit that it’s slow at all. Nonetheless, I’ll likely keep an eye out on the series as it progresses. Hope you enjoyed this long deconstruction of the first 6 episodes of Boruto. This will probably be my way of doing a “first impressions” from now on. Believe it!

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