Grimoire of Zero│Switching Perspectives


Grimoire of Zero was unpredictable for me at the very start and I wasn’t sure what direction it intended to go. As I kept watching, I was getting the idea that it was a fantasy action anime with a sprinkle of mystery. Where did I get this idea from?

Well, I assumed this was the case because it seemed like it intended to go for a more action- packed routine but in a way that wasn’t too flashy just so that it doesn’t overshadow the parts that are more peaceful and intimate for the characters. That got me thinking that this anime was so… “50/50”, if you get what I mean. I wasn’t understanding if it was more “Rage of Bahamut: Genesis” or… something else. As I continued to watch, I felt that a lot of scenes were useless because it wasn’t capturing the concept I originally thought it was trying to portray.

It became apparent to me that it wasn’t similar to Rage of Bahamut: Genesis but it was closer to Spice and Wolf. Which is a complete switch in perspectives! Suddenly, the scenes I thought were useless held a lot more meaning to me. It went from this epic “fetch quest” adventure to this peaceful journey of mutual friendship and that made things significantly better for me. But honestly, with just the few episodes Grim has so far, it already has problems where Spice and Wolf didn’t…

The atmosphere in Grim is, like I said before, very 50/50. At some points, it feels like a comedy, action story but also does has a little bit of that peaceful and adventurous vibe similar to Spice and Wolf. Which is partially the reason why it’s so difficult to really capture what Grim is going for because it feels like it’s trying to do 2 things at once.

Another thing I have a problem with is the male character that has decided to travel along with Zero and mercenary. I don’t quite remember if his name was revealed yet but we’ll just call him “Boy”. Boy is a character that still ruins the atmosphere for me. He’s a very agitated personality and his sole purpose is to have a conflicting relationship with mercenary; especially during the times where there is not supposed to be any conflict. I will admit that, so far, he’s seem to trigger story to start each time but that just makes me hate him more. He basically starts all the drama and when there’s no drama, he just starts arguing like a baby. He’s that third party member that never made it in Spice and Wolf and now he’s here to ruin Grim.

The soundtrack also doesn’t do Grim any favors. Spice and Wolf used music to set a tone and Spice and Wolf probably wouldn’t have been so successful without it. Even the OPs did a good job introducing what kind of tone Spice and Wolf was going for. Grim’s OP really doesn’t do that but listening to it’s ED, it’s SO much better! It makes me wonder why the ED wasn’t used as the OP instead because it gives a clearer picture to what I think Grim wants to portray but they decided to use a different song and video for the OP instead. Which is a little sad because most people don’t stick around to listen to the ED…

My favorite thing so far about Grim is the relationship between mercenary and Zero, of course. A lot of people sexualize it but I’ve never viewed them to be that romantic. I viewed it mostly as a friendship but I don’t mind if it went for a more romantic setting, I’d say it worked for Spice and Wolf.

Either way, I really appreciate what Grim is doing. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’ll quite match Spice and wolf but that’s fine. That is a pretty high bar, so I’ll just say that i’m satisfied if it continues to be as good as it is now.

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