Character Trial 22 (Game Version): Death


Death is the leader of the four horsemen and eldest in the surviving race of Nephilim. He is also the most feared out of all of the four horsemen…

Death is a sarcastic asshole, the kind you’d have a beer with but not the kind of guy you’d trust to watch your back as he would sacrifice even his brethren to win. Albeit as time passed, he grew more affectionate towards his brethren; more specifically War and Fury who he has saved from death a few times before. Even going as far as sacrificing the souls of his race and himself to save his brother War from being executed.

Whether he protects or kills his brethren, he has committed regretful actions and behind the cold and calculative mask is a man who has felt anguish behind all his misdeeds.

  • It is said that Death destroys a world every day when he decides to talk a walk.
  • Considers the “slaughter of a race” to be good popcorn material.

Both factually evident by this post.

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  1. How can he have a beer without a mouth?

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    1. theanimeprince says:

      The real questions…

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