Life Is Strange│Everyone is an Everyday Hero


Life Is Strange is a story. Not necessarily about any “one” person. It’s a story about everyone in the small town of Arcadia Bay who are all connected, whether they like it or not. How they are connected is a matter of circumstances of being so close together, everyone wakes up in this small town to do their job, go to school or just to wander around the streets contemplating why their life is so miserable…

Sure, you can talk about all the crazy things going on with the story; talk about how Max could’ve possibly obtained her powers or think about all the decisions you had to make and enjoy the gameplay taking place in front of you. However, the true passion of what made life so strange always derived from the characters! Each and every character had their share of problems and difficulties with life and that’s what made life… precious.


Chloe, Max’s best friend, lost her Father at an early age and felt abandoned by everyone because she felt utterly alone. She could only blame everyone around her for all the bad things that happened to her only because she knew that whoever she blamed, she could never forgive. Which is why she could never blame herself. Even as she repeatedly made her own mistakes; all she can do is attempt to pile them on , hoping for an opportunity to fix everything she’s done to hurt the people closest to her. Until just at the end, she found the wherewithal to accept all the pain she has endured and hold her head up as she admitted that not everything she has done in life was the right thing…


Kate, a wavering believer, was also just a teenage girl when she was drugged and was taken advantage of. What was the most impactful thing for her was the fact that it was all recorded on video. Because of this, she was bullied every single day as she attended class like every other normal student. Even some of her relatives, like her Mother and Grandmother, didn’t believe in her and treated her poorly. She lost belief in not only the God she once believed in but also in herself. She would avoid mirrors and be locked in her dorm room all day long, which would eventually lead her with the idea of suicide…


Frank, the drug dealer, always gave an aggressive attitude towards anyone and everyone that came across him. He made threats and he spoke with a foul mouth but beneath it all, he had the heart of a hero. He had things he cared about, things he would do anything to protect. One day, after betting on a dog fight, he decided that he couldn’t bare to watch it any longer and jumped in to save the dogs. Probably being beaten black and blue, he survived and met his faithful companion…

Pompidou, Frank’s faithful companion, a dog who was not only saved by Frank but found purpose in protecting his new companion in arms. Understanding that Frank talks a big game but ultimately is too kind to hurt another person, he’s taken it as his duty to protect Frank from even the smallest signs of danger…


Warren, a silly nerd, who probably wouldn’t even stand up for himself but for Max, he would literally stand up against a catastrophic storm. He was never the smartest, strongest or most talented human but every single moment he spends with Max is something he treasures. Yeah, sometimes he can be a little desperate but nobody can have more heart…


Victoria, the black sheep, never believed in herself no matter how talented she actually is. Nobody understood her, not even herself. Because of that, she’s taken it as an offense to everyone around her and has gone out of her way to bully others and attempt to cheat her way to fame. When all she needed to do be herself, not a jealous princess who was jealous of everyone else but the talented photographer she really is…


David, a paranoid veteran, did several awful things that, at first glance, only showed the side of him that is afraid. The side that can’t handle losing anymore loved ones, especially after he went down the war. Despite being misguided in more ways than one, he did those things because he cared for the people of Arcadia Bay and he would not hesitate in going through another war if it meant he could protect all of the people of Arcadia Bay, especially his family…


Nathan, a lost soul, was born in the Prescott family which has ruled over Arcadia Bay for a long while. Despite being born into a rich family, Nathan was a stuck- up prick that only flaunted his money and committed crimes such as drugging women to take advantage of them. He’s done many terrible and maybe unforgivable things, but it’s hard to make the right decisions when you are mentally sick, literally. Despite the Prescott family being aware of Nathan’s mental instability, they ignored this fact and decided to never give him the help he needed. Despite never getting that help, Nathan found himself in his last moments. He would pick up his phone, confess his sins and apologize for all of his misdeeds and then he would look at the bullet that faces him; accepting of his repentance…

And it wouldn’t stop there, other characters would also have griefs that we may not know a lot about. From Alyssa, Juliet, Taylor, Evan, Justin, Courtney, Daniel, Principle Wells, Stella, Hayden, Trevor and even Alice the Rabbit and Lisa the goddamn Plant are all beings of life that could and most likely were suffering through their own problems just like everyone else. But they learn from their mistakes and ultimately find themselves becoming better people and you can’t help but admire them for that, all of them are everyday heroes.

It goes to show that life IS strange but strange can also be many things. It can be miserable, it can fantastic, it can be joyful, it can depressing, it can interesting and it can be wonderful. That, to me, is what makes life so goddamn strange… And I think I like that.

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