My Hero Academia│Great Example of Character Diversity


There are many interesting characters in My Hero Academia but still several characters left unexplored. Instead of telling you who they are, it’s more appropriate to tell you the “why“…

Character Designs:

Character designs are a bigger aspect to making interesting characters than some would think and also the most fun. What a character wears and how they look can tell a story behind the character in of itself!


Using Tsuyu (or Tsu) as an example: Whether you’ve seen the show or not; you can immediately pinpoint what sort of gimmick she pertains… The obvious comparison to frogs aside, there’s more you can read from just separate pieces of objects equipped to her body. Like her goggles, it’s clear she uses them similarly as underwater goggles which, of course, further suggests that she is very akin with water. Her skintight body suit also comes with flipper-like boots which allows her to swim underwater with greater ease…

There are still a few other things you can take from this character design but I’ve already made my point. This doesn’t just extend to Tsu but to other characters as well. From Tenya Lida’s clearly white knight inspired armored suit to Kyouka Jirou’s literal ear “plugs”.. There’s a lot more characters with interesting designs that would allow you to understand what kind of gimmick or quirk they may use.

All characters have a spotlight:

A lot of the characters sometimes do sit in the background but they don’t always stay there. My Hero Academia wants to give the impression that all characters matter in this story and they do.  A character we haven’t seen much of, who I was immensely curious about, which is Fumikage Tokoyami has finally reached his spotlight. We get to learn about his quirk which has me completely fascinated! I will have my eyes out for Fumikage and I am sure we get to see more of other characters like, for example, best girl Momo

I’d make some “plus ultra” joke but i’m already as ultra as it gets…

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  1. YES! One of the absolute reasons I love this show so much, it’s so colorful and the characters are lively and unique.

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  2. This is my new Favorite Anime! I can’t wait to see how Season 2 progresses. I wait with baited breath for each new episode. And I totally agree, they have a very diverse character lineup. It’s going to interesting to watch the development of each hero and bad guy.

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  3. Tsuyu is one of my favorite characters from MHA and I love the frog aesthetic they gave her!! I’ll be honest, I didn’t care for a lot of the character designs at first, but they characters that they themselves embody have made me start to like it more and more.

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