Fukumenkai Noise First Impression(by Mr Zen)

How’s it going there folks its Mr Zen here filling in for​ the anime prince with another anime first impression and for that post we are going to be discussing about fukumenkai Noise.

A music genre of an anime that is going to touch the hearts of many people in the anime community! Hear me now! As fukumenkai Noise is a shoujo genre involved in a romance high school setting with a lead female protagonist. I am not familiar with how shoujo genres are set so bear with me folks as I give you my impression of this musical piece. I do however, enjoy musical type genres as the music that is involved in the anime is always superb.

The lead protagonist Nino Arisugawa heartbroken at such a young age dealt it in an unpleasant manner. Love hurts and this anime expresses the love of teenage romance in music as the main character takes the stage to sing her hearts out to her lovers. A love triangle emerges as Nino past lovers Momo and yuzu are in the same school while Nino can’t make up her mind to decide who to choose.

Yes the anime is definitely meant for a younger teenage girl audience as we see that the character at times would be shy, outgoing, amazing and then spontaneously amazing in a matter of seconds. A trait, many males can’t comprehend even today. Nino becomes very irrational when trying to have a decent conversation with certain characters​. For example, when nino sings twinkle twinkle Little Star it’s fun the first couple of times but, does get repetive after a while. The song twinkle Little Star, was a homage to how the characters Momo and Nino used to sing when they were young, but when Nino would abruptly sing the song it would always be at an awkward time. I understand that the creators are trying to create a tender moment but, when it’s being overused many times it hurt the purpose of the tender moments with each cast.

Maybe I might be blinded by the genre but certainly a character would be off putting if someone wouldn’t listen when told to. I did like how the one of the characters explained what was going through everyone’s mind that nino is stubborn when she gets stuck on an idea. That scene was hilarious. Kudos to you Momo.

The character yuzu was introduced as a young boy who happened to be just doing his own shenanigans but soon starts to fall in love with Nino. The relationship between these two characters seems more liking to my standards as these characters are in band, love to sing and compose music with powerful chemistry as well. I personally feel the characters around​ them would help them strengthen their relationship as the episodes continue to show.

During the first two episodes there was a lot of flashbacks involved in the current story but, not once did it hinder the story. Surprisingly, it balanced itself out when doing so. Many shounen manga are always hurt when they are involved in a flashback but the fukumenkai Noise doesn’t. The flashbacks are needed due to the fact that the creators are giving exposition for the lead protagonists.

Momo relationship seemed off putting in my eyes because as kids times moves on and the love for one another would continueto fade away and this anime is trying to rekindle a lost love that was long forgotten now that the character gets have gotten older. Either that, or the main character has not talked to many people in her life to actually make new friends. Needless to say the idea centered around love is interesting because the lead protagonists will have to make decision soon enough and judging by the looks of things she will have a hard time making it on her own.

So what are your guys thoughts on the anime fukumenkai Noise? I personally found the music involved in the anime amazing and worth to hear…besides Nino singing twinkle Little Star. Let me know down in the comments below and this is Mr zen filling in for the anime prince, as always zenkai your soul everyday!

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