Boruto: Is It Worth watching?

Happy earth day there folks it’s Mr. Zen  filling in for the anime prince and for today’s topic will be the anime boruto.

I have been trying to catch up to Boruto and it seems that lately these episodes are worth mentioning since it’s the new generation of Naruto. Ninja’s with superpowers always interests anyone with a sense for adventure and the supernatural.  I for one have been a long series fan of the series and this new series is really intended for younger kids. The reason is because many of scenes that involve fighting or dilemma is not really a main issue that deals with the behavior of the world centered around Naruto. Instead, it’s more of a bunch of kids just dealing with school drama, fighting, making friends along the way. Naruto himself has yet to make a huge appeal in the story so far since he’s busy with Hokage or other international affairs. The aesthetics also seem to bring about the characters dealing with bullying and overcoming social anxiety in their early teens. For example, rock Lee’s son metal in episode 3.

I don’t think it’s horrible that the creators are heading that route because  I think it’s great that they are eexpanding the lore as we get to see other character shine in their time.

I consider the show​ a reboot of the original series because every character introduced reminds you of the original characters but with a twist. Shikadai seems interesting as he does remind me of shikimaru but with a more outgoing personality.  Metal reminds me of rock Lee, but with a less outgoing personality and some behavior problems with dealing with social groups. The lore just keeps expanding but in cute fashion that it appears more to children in order for it to relate to the growing fandom.

Boruto was pretty interesting against iwabe since it reminded you of Naruto back in the day of the early days when Naruto first started. Heck even iwabe was an interesting character as he showed prowess and strength in a middle school fight.

Iwabe really took on the theme of earth day as he wields earth style ninjutsu against the boruto.  I am interested as how this character will play out as the series continues because most of the characters never really had a major character with earth style ninjutsu. Most earth style ninjas were always a supporting character. 

Iwabe character is also stemming from an antihero as we see that this character does resemble kawaki from the first manga chapter of boruto. The min villainro end the shinobi era. I could be wrong but they do bare a striking resemblance in terms of looks and body language. Also it would make sense as to why bolt would see this character as a rival since most characters that boruto sees are friends thanks to his father’s relationships. Iwabe would fit in as rival character both supporting boruto as a growing character and as the main plot of the series.

The lore within the boruto series could go any route since it’s also in it’s early stages so it’s anyone’s bets as to how the series will continue with it’s cast and members. Will old characters die in the process or will  their will of fire continue on through the next generation of ninjas. Onlytime will tell.

I conclude that the series is worth to watch for both long running fans and new fans the series because it still has an aesthetic appeal of the original run with some new lore involved as well. The adult themes in the original run are not present due to the kids not having to deal with any major problems​ and the kids are also living in an era of peace thanks to our hero Naruto! However let  know down in the comments below as to what your thoughts on boruto the series? Did you all enjoy it or is not worth your time?

As always this is Mr Zen filling in for the anime prince and as always zenkai your soul everyday!

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