SukaSuka│Good Intro But Very Messy


SukaSuka, which I am just gonna call Suka because not only do I not care for the original title but I do not care enough to even type in another “Suka”, is our newest light- novel adaptation. I just wanna get out of the way that I LOVE the music! Scarborough’s Fair tickles my medieval fetish like no other song I’ve heard before! Which might mean I just have a bias towards it but I think others would agree that it’s like it was set on fire! Yes, I have enough self- respect to not say “lit”.

Without further ado, I wanna talk about the introduction to this series; It really nails the introduction with that “mystery” vibe which is something that is often failed on when taken under the wings of a light- novel adaptation. Nonetheless, the introduction gives the show it’s worth because understanding how we got to such a critical point is, so far, the main and honestly, the only thing this show has going so far. As soon as the introduction is done, we’re introduced to the heroine in a more so “unique” fashion which is a compliment but as soon as that is finished we’re inside a bar where the main character, Ryohei Arai is speaking to an orc, I presume, who he’s pretty chummy with.


I really enjoyed this scene but the ball was dropped within the moment Ryohei declined the job he was being offered. Admittedly, the dialogue exchanged between the two of them was very well done and informational but when Ryohei started talking about his “salty coffee”, it stopped the momentum. Talking about his salty coffee didn’t increase the tension because there was no tension which is primarily what scenes like this is supposed to do but it was done for no other reason than to just fill in a few seconds to mirror the fact that Ryohei is thinking whether to accept the offer or not and he easily gives in, which makes me question why it was made to be such a big deal if he accepts so easily. After that, we waste another bit of dialogue from the orc stating that “yeah, this coffee is salty.”.  Yeah, it’s not a big deal but it’s little things like this that really define how much quality and effort goes into an anime.

By this time, Ryohei lands on island 68 which is a follow- up problem I have with the show… I hate it when anime get lazy with names and things like that. Island “68”? This leads me to believe that all islands are named via numbers and I really dislike this because your throwing away chances to show your creativity. I don’t even care if you name the islands something stupid like “Penisular Island” just don’t generalize them with numbers or give me an “A-Z” generalization.

Onto some characters:

Nyglatho, I know there’s some people who will call her “nig” and I hope that, whoever you are, you get hit by a truck. Anyways, this character already has pretty glaring flaws in my opinion. She’s a troll but despite that she looks like a normal girl… I’m all for having me some good waifus but I really don’t like it when anime does things in this fashion, it’s clear you just want another set of plot (which, yeah, this anime kind of needs) but if you do it this way, the character is obviously gonna have a huge design flaw. The only way to remedy this is if they somehow explain the fact that this series redesigned trolls into something different than what people normally think they look/do. I don’t mean just give her a “troll” transformation ability because that would be extremely lazy in it’s own right. On top of that, she really isn’t an interesting character. She’s mainly there for fan- service moments but I honestly think if she was used in a much more serious way she could’ve been the show’s initial rise of tension. She doesn’t even really have to be a “villainous” character but more so a “neutral” one.


Chtholly, it’s not a great name… But at least it’s a lot more creative than “Girl 69”. Nonetheless, I kind of hate her already. Throughout every bit of dialogue she has distributed and received, I know nearly nothing about this character aside from the fact that she’s probably a nuclear weapon. Which, says nothing about her as a character, believe it or not. Though, it does look like she doesn’t like guys who “goes with the flow” and let me tell you I am offended! As someone who goes with the flow every day, I’ll have you know, I have a pretty fun time “going with the flow” and if you have a problem with that little BITCH! I DON’T GIVE A FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRUUUUCK IF YOU ARE AN ATOMICAL WEAPON THAT EXPLODES REPEATEDLY ON IMPACT! I’LL PUT YOU 6 FEET UNDER!… Moving on.

The little girls who, I don’t care enough to name separately, are all just little brats who happen to be nuclear weapons. Nothing new, just anime.

When it comes to fantasy anime, I like the idea of a long and ambitious adventure. I really hate anime that wastes it’s ability to build it’s world by settling itself in one area and based on what this anime has told me so far, there’s not really much of an adventure. It looks like it’s gonna be a fairly compact story. Maybe it’ll be something like the kids mess around with Ryohei for a few episodes then they all build a connection and maybe it’ll last for like 6 episodes. Afterwards, maybe a villain comes in and wants to take the “weapons” AKA the children and use them as his own weapons and finally Ryohei and Chtholly have to go out and help them.

That’s just my prediction but it could surprise me.

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  1. Karandi says:

    This episode definitely had some issues but considering what I was expecting from the title and the art work, I ended up pleasantly surprised. And considering some of the first episodes I’ve seen recently, this one at least made me interested in where it might go (even if it ends up being pretty predictable).
    I agree with you on the troll. Given disfeatured or wahtever apparently suffer discrimination it doesn’t really make any sense for someone who technically shouldn’t look human to look human. They could have at least given her horns or something to back up that troll status.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theanimeprince says:

      Yeah, I think maybe I was a little harsh on the episode because I was tired but this is what I think for the most part. It did have its moments and I agree.

      Liked by 1 person

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