Clockwork Planet│A Potential Travesty


Clockwork Planet is one of the anime that has intrigued me the most, so far. It has given us a unique setting that can potentially be it’s greatest strength or it’s greatest flaw. Before I go into what I mean; allow me to gush over the smaller things I find pretty good in this show so far…

The characters aren’t really artistically creative but they seem to have a strong dynamic coming into the show. You have 2 kinds of pairs that generally having only 1 pair is good enough to make a story out of and Clockwork Planet recognized that would probably be boring so, in it’s truest fashion, Clockwork Planet just said: “Fuck it! How about we make 2 dynamic duos and put them together?” and I have to admit I like it. It’s still not the most creative thing, considering 1 duo is a stuck- up rich girl and her bodyguard and both of them are quite badass; which is something we’ve seen before but we also have the somewhat intelligent but also stupid brat who happened to find… Let me restart that sentence; who was found by a metal coffin of sorts that just fell from the sky and into his house which contained an automated cute girl. Again, somewhat something we’ve seen before. Mash them together and instead we got the new Avengers of our generation.

I couldn’t help but think of Akame Ga Kill, that went well. Anyway, I do have high hopes for these characters. They were introduced very well in this episode, dialogue was efficiently used to tell us what was going on and what these characters can do, how comfortable they are with each other and what kinds of different personalities they all have. As described in my post:  Sagrada Reset│Are All of Them Androids…? ; I mentioned that it took 29 seconds to show us what kind of relationship Marie and Vainney had and showed us their style of combat in just 1 episode. I’ve already grown a liking to these characters mostly because I like their dynamic combat but also because so much information was put forth in a short amount of time making it easier for me to grow an attachment due to it’s speedy results and I appreciate that because a lot of characters take a significant amount of time to even grow THAT much in 3 entire episodes. But let’s leave Marie and Vainney aside as I’ve talked enough about them.

While Marie and Vainney has interested me as a dynamic duo, the second duo have mostly caught my interest as individuals and I am referring to Naoto and RyuZU and as such I will talk about them as individuals:

Naoto Miura: So far, my least favorite character. Mostly because he’s got the most screentime; as I guess a protagonist generally would… That said, I picked up on what his “ability” is very quickly. From the moment he heard a metal coffin falling from the sky; it was blatantly apparent that this kid has super sonic hearing. Now, judging from the intro scene I understand his place in this team but I still was curious exactly how this would work out because I never really seen a main character who’s ability is really just that he is good hearing. It’s different, y’know? Truth be told, I appreciate different.

RyuZU: She’s proven to be a great character but she also has this episodes only downfall… Tasteless Fan- Service. It really was just one scene but it was still a lot to “take in”, if you know what I mean. Nonetheless, I feel like it was just a one time thing. Sure, she’s somewhat established that she desires an intimate relationship with Naoto but I don’t feel Clockwork Planet intends to waste time on more tasteless fan- service scenes like that in the future, although, that may be my silly optimism. The reason I like her is mainly because she’s a very snarky kind of robot gal and I do have an affinity for those kinds of girls, I’ll admit. However, I appreciate how eloquent she is even with a sharp tongue. Despite having second to most screentime in the episode, she’s also cemented her personality just like everyone else and it’s clear that this anime’s strength is how quickly it can get it’s viewers to recognize it’s characters. I am excited to see RyuZU interact with Marie as they both have personalities that clearly DO NOT mix well together.

Apologies for rambling on but now is where I get to the worrying part: As interesting as the setting is; an Earth made out of gears is impossible. Realistically speaking, any man alone doesn’t have the time to make an entire planet of gears in his lifetime. He would need the help of thousands; probably millions of other humans in order to even consider it a probability. I am no expert on the subject so take that as you will and this is only a worry I have but it’s something that needs to be addressed. “How did Y do it?” is a question I’ll hover over the time I watch this series as it is a question that needs to answered or this show will go down as a travesty. At the same time, I am sure this show will address it. It doesn’t even have to be a super realistic answer, it just has to make sense and I am confident Clockwork Planet is capable of doing that.

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  1. I have heard many different oppinions about this anime but I have not gotten to watch it yet. I think that you pointed out quite a lot of interesting topics and questions about this anime and it has now made me actually consider watching it.

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