The Importance Of Dialogue│Dialogue Is Also Art ft. Nagito Komaeda

Many people forget the importance of dialogue when it comes to anime. It’s generally an easy thing to miss when your talking about anime but mostly it’s just not something we consciously think about. However, I am here to remind everyone that dialogue is not only important but it is also creative! It’s as creative as art itself…

The creativity behind dialogue can most simply be identified with a character, take Nagito Komaeda(my favorite character from the Danganronpa series): 


The dialogue that was parted to Nagito has always been one of the more distinctive ones even inside such a character driven series such as Danganronpa. It made him a very unique character and he was only second to Junko Enoshima.

As soon as my life entered the final round, it quickly became a rollercoaster ride! But it’s going to be all right… No matter the bad luck that happens, good luck always lies just beyond it.

The reason I’m alive is because I always believe there’s hope… no matter what.

A mystery that easy would make me sad. It wouldn’t be good enough to serve as everyone’s stepping stone…

To protect hope, I will do anything.

In the end, despair is only a stepping stone to hope.

It’s not just luck… it’s true my talent is trash but I’m still the Ultimate Lucky Student, you know?

To list off just a few quotes, that is enough for you to already pick out what kind of personality the character “Nagito Komaeda” has dawned. He’s the kind of person who would play Russian roulette with 5 out of 6 bullets in the chamber and, luckily, come out alive. Dialogue has set him a part from every other character because dialogue shaped his personality into who he is today.

The dialogue etched between him and other characters is a clash of two personalities creating dialogue. Now, what I said sounded pretty magical, right? Though, another way you could put it is:People talked to each other.

Both are accurate, that in of itself is incredible! Why? Because every day we create art with the words we use and the interactions we have. That’s one of the many artistic appeals of, not only anime, but films in general! Dialogue is expression, dialogue is progressive and most of all…

Dialogue is Art

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  1. Psychime says:

    I don’t think the importance of dialogue can be understated. If characters don’t feel real then it can harm what a series is trying to do, dialogue is an important part of character. But when it’s done well and it seems real, it doesn’t seem like a dialogue but a real conversation and as such I think good dialogue goes overlooked whereas bad dialogue is obvious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theanimeprince says:

      Funny you start your sentence with “Dialogue can’t be understated” because that was the title in the original draft of this post. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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