Character Trial 14 (Game Version): Thresh, The Chain Warden

thresh2.jpgThresh is a restless spirit who gets off from tormenting living souls and stealing wives.

Thresh used to be a man who’s task was to guard an underground vault of dangerous artifacts and filled with corruption. He was chosen because he was mentally strong-willed.

These artifacts would be sentient entities that’d feed off his mind for years and forced him to have thoughts he normally wouldn’t have! This went on until he became the restless spirit known as “Thresh”.

He went on with his life tormenting living souls and enjoys watching his cruelty at work. He would imprison them in his lantern where he harbors many souls! He would go on until 2 combatants appear… Lucian and his wife Senna.

Lucian and Senna would go around purifying the undead until they meet Thresh and at that moment: They fought until Thresh finally grabs a hold of Lucian’s wife Senna and traps her soul in his lantern.  It is rumored that Lucian picks up her gun and fights back like a duel-wielding badass but it is just as said that he just whined a lot, asking for Thresh to give back his wife. Who knows?

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