Anime Review Trial: Youjo Senki


Sorry the post is a little late but I got really caught up with “Orange Days”. I just… The ending did hit me in the feels just a tad bit. I am so glad it had a happy ending. I would like to make a post on Orange Days but I am not sure if talking about J- Dramas would be a “good look” for my blog. Whatever that means. If you guys think I should, let me know. It wouldn’t be any sort of in-depth analysis or anything, it’d mostly just be talking about my experience watching it because, well, I really liked it. I had fun, I learned things and I am mostly referring to sign language. I learned a bit of that watching Orange Days. So, yeah. Let me know!

Anyways, my next review will be on Saga of Tanya The Evil! I kind of wanna drag out this review as long as possible because I reeeaaaalllllyyyyyyy don’t wanna do the next review but my OCD kind of forces me to do it… If some of you know me, you’d know which anime I plan to review next which will be a hassle but it’s fine. Honestly, since doing like.. 3 posts a day, it’s been a lot of fun. The reason is because I am posting about so much different things and doing it in the way I want to. I’m not forcing any kind of format or exercise to my posts, I just post what I want and share the things I like. I’m really happy with what I’ve been putting out and I hope you guys are too!

That’s pretty much it. Expect review of Tanya The Evil by tomorrow night and I do have a special post for tomorrow afternoon, it’s very important and I hope the lot of you read it. The morning post will likely be a Character Trial of.. I think Luffy from One Piece, actually. The posts are getting kind of mixed up in my head but yeah, that should be exciting.

P.S. No, I am obviously not too big of a fan of Yuri On Ice. April Fools!

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