Character Trial 11: Mikasa Ackerman


Mikasa ultimately cares solely for the safety of Eren Yeager. This means following him into the military army where it forces death to come sooner, despite having no real passion for what it means to join the military.

She is a very muscular teenage girl and the adoptive sister of Eren. She finds her dark- red scarf to be her most prized possession as it was a gift from Eren when they were younger.

She tends to lack any sort of emotion or any fucks to give as she is a complete badass.

During her training in the academy, she was regarded as an elite among her peers and by high- ranking officers. This made her a valuable prize for certain branches. Despite that, she still decides to follow Eren into joining the Survey Corps. 

She successfully fought the female titan into submission but the female titan got away.

She is what 100% of the community would consider: “Best girl” but what do I know? I’m just an unbiased text giving you factual information.

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  1. She is best girl and Potato Girl takes runners up place.

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