Character Trial 10: Sucy Manbavaran


Sucy is very unique for a female. She doesn’t particularly care about what other girls like such as: make-up, cute boys or popularity. Sucy cares more so about creating malevolent concoctions and the ingredients it takes to do so. Her favorite possible ingredient is all kinds of mushrooms. When it comes to mushrooms, she turns into what is equivalent to a “fangirl”.

She often uses her friends as test subjects, most notably, Akko. She enjoys poisoning Akko with crazy ideas that’ll put her in strenuous predicaments. The reason is simply because she finds it entertaining to watch her go through so much trouble.

That said, this doesn’t mean Sucy is completely cold- blooded to her friends… Even after putting Akko into bad situations, she’ll often help her out of it as she does care for her friends just as much as they care about her.

Despite her lazy demeanor and skinny body, Sucy is a very talented and powerful witch. Some of her most dangerous potions have the ability to disintegrate monsters 10x her size but as she loves to experiment with “various” different ingredients, it is sometimes hard to tell what her next concoction will do. This gives the idea that any potion can be just as fatal if not more as some of her more deathly potions.

She often brings out a gas mask she seems to carry around with her but is unknown to where she hides it.

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