Anime Review #21: Scum’s Wish│The Rule of Human Relations


Fresh out of the oven and into the… feels.

Starting off, I just wanted to say how beautiful this anime is. Artistically and everything. I don’t feel like that could be expressed enough because part of the reason why this anime is so good is because it just has such a unique and beautiful artistry attached to it, seriously one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! I also love how they use these comic panels to increase the tension in the scenes, it’s really something to behold.

Anyways, onto the topic at hand. Human Relations is something I don’t think many people think about when watching an anime. It’s more like a film kind of thing because we don’t really see films to be completely “fictional”. What people don’t realize is that some anime still take this rule even if it’s in a completely unrealistic setting. In other words, “fictional”. Of course, this is a rule that should always be followed when your story is “non-fiction“. But when I think of non-fictional anime, they either don’t take this rule seriously or take it with a grain of salt. You may think: “Well, why is that?” It’s because a lot of anime set in the real world tend to go for the more cartoon-ish humor. Now, I know some may think I am jumping to conclusions but the appeal of these anime is to take a cast of characters and bring them into unrealistic scenarios while still maintaining the appeal that this is not a fantasy world or anything of that kind. The situations those anime go for is to make you laugh, entertain you. Not to make you believe that it’s something you’ll see happen in real life.

Thus, “breaking” the Rule of Human Relations. Because they don’t present you a realistic scenario between characters, they present you an entertaining skit of humor using said characters. Which is completely fine for some anime, it’s just not my appeal. Now, there is still ways to successfully “bend” the rule but it’s mostly when you are watching a non- fiction. For example, let’s take Sword Art Online. How did Kirito meet Asuna? They both met through Sword Art Online. By this point, this is a completely fictional world created inside a non- fictional world. That said, they met through completely unrealistic methods but because of the concept of this story, it’s still a very realistic situation. It just bent the rule a little, but still abides by it. Say what will about SAO but I can at least say that it somewhat respected the rule.

Tim: “But what does this “rule” you speak of have to do with Scum’s Wish?”

Ohoho! I am glad you asked Tim! Give yourself a pat on the back… Actually don’t, nobody loves you so you shouldn’t either!

Anyways, Scum’s Wish obviously followed the rule from the very first episode all the way up til the very end and it did it magnificently! It presented very real emotions and the characters met and had very realistic relationships. These are problems real people have in our world, they considered that fact and made a beautiful story out of it. 

I also love how symbolic the title is. “Scum’s Wish“. Because it says that these characters are all scum. Let’s be honest, they are all selfish and they don’t necessarily make the best decisions but again, it’s very real. Real people make bad decisions exactly like these and this is just a recorded illustration that shows us what they go through even though they may be scum. This is their road to no longer being scum and each road is just as interesting as the next. From Moca to Hanabi, they learn and grow from their decisions and ultimately find their will. They find their way to finally becoming human instead of scum. If I had to say which one was my favorite, I would have to say it is Mugi. Mugi tried to find his will the same way Hanabi did, by getting shot down but half-way through his confession he realized who he is dealing with and ultimately loses to himself. But when it came down to it, the person he confessed to found her own will and decided that the only way she’ll find true happiness is by.. Well, not being scum. When you think about it, Mugi only stopped being scum because she decided to let him go. So, as ironic as it is, that is why I liked Mugi’s story just a little bit more than the rest because his was the realest and most emphatic story, he partially got what he wished even though he knew it wasn’t real but he still lost because it was like fighting the final boss when you are just incredibly underleveled. It is THAT hard to somehow win in his situation.

On top of that, I thought the soundtrack was great! The opening was good, it had a good video and I liked the song but to me it wasn’t a suitable opening for this show. It’s the same thing as Yuri On Ice!!! for me where the song IS good but it just doesn’t match, y’know? It gave me a bit more of a shounen vibe. Maybe I am just not used to it because a lot of romantic dramas have very common openings and this one is very different compared to those.

I understand some might be put off by the ending but it was, as you might’ve guessed, a very real ending. It wasn’t my ideal scenario either but when it comes down to things like that, it isn’t ideal for the characters themselves either. That’s what makes it… Real.

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  1. Karandi says:

    There’s been some really mixed opinions about the ending of this out there but I’m really looking forward to when I can watch this one. I think it will be quite interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theanimeprince says:

      The ending is a hard pill to swallow but I think that’s why it fits so well. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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