Character Trial 8: Vegeta

Vegeta.jpgVegeta is prince to the fallen race known as “Saiyans”. Vegeta is a prideful Saiyan who believes he should be the most powerful Saiyan mostly due to his royal bloodline.

Despite the extinction of his race, it seems like he cares more so about vengeance rather than the actual destruction of Planet Vegeta. Even after joining Frieza’s army, he has continued to despise Frieza for the bad treatment of his race and the destruction of Planet Vegeta. 

Even though he seems to have a superiority complex, he has accepted that Goku, otherwise known as Kakarot, is a rival that he must surpass in power and will go through whatever obstacles to do it.

It is shown that he has a fear of worms, possibly more creatures like worms. This is because of when he and Goku were inside Buu, Vegeta scurries in fear behind Goku. It is thought that he is also afraid of Bulma when she is angry. After Vegeta joined the Z- fighters, He falls in love with Bulma and they get married and not soon after, they have a child named “Trunks”. As he began to realize that he was getting “soft”, he allowed himself to be taken control by Babidi and given more power. After being beaten by Goku once more, he realizes how much he cares for his family and decides to sacrifice himself against Majin Buu.

Later, Vegeta was initially scared of Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction, However, Beerus slapping Bulma after being lectured by her, Vegeta threw a temper- tantrum and went after Beerus with a flurry of attacks and in that moment he had surpassed Goku in raw power.

It is thought that Bulma wears the pants in the family.

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