5 of my favorite anime



The Naruto series is always gonna be polarizing and that is a circumstantial topic to talk about. However, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the series as a whole. I think one of the reasons I love this anime so much is because it isn’t perfect. There are characters I do not like and really serve no purpose to the story but they are still characters with personalities that connect with characters I love. It’s a weird way to look at things and for me this is unique to Naruto but sometimes, a lot like real life, when you see someone a part of your life for so long it’s hard to imagine them not ever existing and that’s what I think made these characters “grow” on me, even if I still don’t like them. Another reason is purely out of enjoyment for the story. To begin with, I like the fact that the story is such a long straight flow of challenges which in turn grants character growth. Character growth can be a string of things like moving forward to their next challenge or making a chaotic decision based on slowly breeding emotions. It really feels like watching life play its course and a lot of that is because it feels natural considering the circumstances. Naruto has really felt like an emotional roller coaster ride that seemingly never stops (unless you wasted time watching fillers) and it’s still going… Kind of. It’s weird because after the final battle I did stop watching Naruto but picking it back up I realized the beauty of its current state. A lot of people would say it’s being milked but I really feel connected with the daily lives of the ninjas in Konoha and it’s almost rewarding to see them live peaceful lives now.



Ive talked about rwby a lot before so I’m going to keep it brief. Rwby is an inspiration to me from its diverse characters to its interestingly non-meta story. Similar to Naruto, I get to see characters grow from the ground up and go through tough times that they probably never expected. I don’t think there a single thing I dislike about the show, at least as of right now.



There isn’t much to say when it comes to Stein’s;Gate. Other than besides the fact that we all have probably watched it by now to realize what’s so great about it, but if you didn’t you can see it for yourself. Entertainment is guaranteed. I feel explaining why time- travel was done so well is kind of unnecessary because, again, i’m sure you’ve heard it all before. However, I don’t think Stein’s;Gate would be anywhere near successful if it wasn’t for it’s character- driven story. Each character had different personalities and had a big part in the story. To me, that is the main reason why it was and still is so successful. Even your least favorite character is generally still a good character because they always presented something new to the table. It’s really hard to find a flaw in Stein’s;Gate and some would even say it has no flaws. Granted, I never heard of a perfect anime and I would disagree but if there was an anime that I really thought was anywhere near “perfect” it would probably be this one.


Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven is what I’d like to say is my favorite romance anime thus far. However, that’s hardly what it does best. The most amazing thing about Eureka Seven is probably the characters and how genuinely close they are. They don’t really have “friendship” slapped onto them and then have the main character use it as a power source for their biggest fight but they genuinely go through problems of their own and they fight with each other, bleed for each other and disagree with each other. All their problems feel very natural because all the problems they face with one another is aligned with the problems the story presents itself with very well. It doesn’t stop there, the world this bunch of characters explore is very colorful and feels alive as they counter other characters and visit new places. The design of Eureka Seven in general is very unique and true to itself, this anime is like an epiphany a genius made in his head.



Ironically, Magi, for me, isn’t incredible for it’s moments in action. Though, as the anime goes further ahead the action gets a lot more intense and meaningful. What really does it is how detailed the world is. Most notably, the magic isn’t just magical abilities that any one character can… “magically… pull out of his pants! They explain the system of magic in great detail. A lot of shows that have magic don’t even really have a system for magic, they just insist certain characters have the ability to use magic and you shouldn’t question it otherwise. How do we know their limitation of using it? What kind of magic they can use? How was this magic made into existence? Magi pretty much covers everything when it comes to magic but most other shows maybe answer 1 or 2 and I guarantee it’s almost never “How was this magic made into existence?”. The only other show I know that really went anywhere near detailed with explaining their magical abilities is Naruto but even then Naruto took a truckload amount of episodes to do so. Magi did it in less than 26. That alone makes me love Magi but there’s still quite a lot more to love about Magi: From the diverse characters to the lively world mostly because they give each character different countries to explore and to learn about. 

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