Free-Speech Controversy: What Eureka Seven AO did wrong…


As you may know, Eureka Seven was announced to be getting 3 movies for each following year including 2017. We know that at least one of these movies will be a prequel but I’m not certain about how it’s all gonna go down. Nevertheless, I think it’s cause for celebration as Eureka Seven is one of my absolute favorites! However, in this celebration post we will discuss what Eureka Seven AO did wrong! I’m not the kind of guy who celebrates good things with negativity but I really feel as fans we need to stress these errors as to ensure we have nothing like this again. As well as this isn’t a completely negative post since we’re going to compare AO’s negatives with the original’s positive. Let’s get started!

Starting off in like the very first episode, I believe everyone had a very interested impression of the show. Because as most would have guessed, the show follows Ao who we perceived to be the child of Eureka and Renton from the previous show. As the show progressed we were introduced to a variety of characters who, by this time are still just new characters, so we’ll just put them on the side for the moment… I think at this point people are just realizing that earth is just not interesting. Think about it, part of what made the original so beautiful was the dynamic world we were out into and the constant traveling allowed us to explore this.. Yeah, kind of war-torn world but also beautiful to look at. The world actually came alive in the story of Eureka Seven and mattered where Earth was too boring and not as colorful. Yes, due to story elements, earth had fragments of what seems reminiscent to the previous world but it hardly had any affect to the aesthetics of it. In fact, it made it look worse in comparison because it just made me miss the other world so much more.



Moving back to characters, they are the primary reason why this show failed so hard. When it came to, mostly the main characters, they seemed… Transparent. It felt like a lot of emotion was forced upon them and it was just at the fault of bad writing. Their character arcs were all over the place when you consider the fact that it’s just thrown in fragments on a variety of random episodes like it mattered to the story. For example, one character would have conflicts about themselves randomly starting in like.. Ep. 8 or something and it would continue like ep. 15 and then start back up only to conclude at ep. 23. I don’t know, those aren’t exact numbers but you get the point. The only reason I can think of why it is done in that particular way is because they thought these character arcs were important to the story but it’s the complete opposite. Most of these characters are completely disconnected from the story, their character arcs mostly are just them kind of being selfish and adhere to only their own problems rather than follow the problems that actually affect the story. That’s the definition of what character arcs are to this show. But when you think about it, it is also a pretty unsurprising mistake for the creators to make. I’m not saying that this was a forgive able mistake but when you consider the fact that this was a completely different way of developing characters compared to the original, it just wasn’t that surprising that it came off poorly.

Tommy: but how was it different?

Glad you asked Tommy! First off, the characters in the original series weren’t really slapped on with emotions and tragic pasts, not individually at least. They actually share a past memory where they experienced tragedy together, not only that, but this event actually mattered in the story of Eureka Seven. You lot know exactly which event I am talking about and it is what the prequel movie will show us since we really didn’t see too much of it in the actual anime. That said, this event actually gave the characters an emotional attachment to one another and it genuinely felt like a real family. A family that still had conflicts they needed to resolve and disagree on many things but if you ask me, that’s what makes family… Family. Unlike the characters in AO who come off as selfish and even bipolar at times. Ironically, it did give me a little more of an understanding for the ending because… Well, I dislike spoilers but it just gave me the impression that the creators actually gave no fucks for the other characters. He kind of, literally, ditched them on an island while the protagonist rushes off to god knows where. Yeah, that was another thing, the ending really didn’t make any sense either… It seemed like they were going for a deep symbolic ending but often times I find endings like this just end in question marks.

Which is funny, because when I think about what the script was like for this show I just imagine the ending to be written like:

“Ending: ???????”

I just can’t see there being a coherent line of dialogue in that very last part of the script. Nevertheless, I’m truly glad we’re seeing more Eureka Seven and here’s to it being good! Cheers!

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