Anime Review #20: Tokyo Ghoul

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I think my favorite thing about Tokyo Ghoul is that it captures this dark and mysterious atmosphere really well, a lot like Death Note. The thing I found most interesting is how detailed the ghouls are in terms of species as a whole. Which is pretty much the entire first half of season 1 and you know, I think that’s majorly the reason why season 1 was so loved. There was a lot to learn from this world where ghouls exist and it kept the action going as we learned which isn’t something only Tokyo Ghoul can do but it did it and felt natural about it. It didn’t feel like it had to force itself to be action-packed and self-explanatory.


I personally think the story isn’t so special or particularly great but I feel it was executed really well and the artistic touch of Tokyo Ghoul is unique enough that it accentuates the scenery so well, especially in fights taking place. My favorite and I am sure a lot would agree was the last fight of season 1 between Kaneki and Jason. From a critical standpoint, I can’t say that fight was perfect because there was a few things you could nitpick from it like Kaneki’s hair turning white all of a sudden. Though, I understand it’s mostly symbolistic of the realistic possibility that when someone goes through torture you will find some of their strands of hair start turning white but obviously it isn’t very… realistic that his entire hair color just turned white. Nevertheless, I loved it and I feel that one scene accurately describes what Tokyo Ghoul is.

That’s not to say all fights in Tokyo Ghoul Root A were bad. In fact, we had some pretty good fights but I didn’t feel most of them captured the same level of emotion as the fight with Kaneki and Jason did. You could argue the fight between Rei(goes by Juuzou) vs Kurona and Nashiro and I thought that fight was amazing but I personally think the Kaneki vs Jason one was a little better in terms of raw emotion.


Tokyo Ghoul Root A definitely wasn’t as appealing to the audience as the original but it still gave us so much to love and it gave me my personal favorite character which is Rei(again, goes by Juuzou). Rei is just the kind of character that resonates with me. He’s got a story hidden behind that mask of his and he’s got emotions that he’s long forgotten yet are still there. He’s just so closed-off from the world that all he knows is how to put on a mask and it even convinces him that he can’t feel pain. His relationship with Yukinori Shinohara displayed perfectly and it gives Shinohara a better character as a result. And that’s the thing that also amazes me, the CCG(Commission of Counter Ghoul) aren’t exactly “evil”. They are just humans who do not understand everything about Ghouls and it gives us a portrayal of a story from a different light. Tokyo Ghoul is unique in that aspect and it’s what makes it “Tokyo Ghoul”. You have characters you love from both sides from Amon and Akira to Touka and Yoshimura.

If there was one negative thing I had to say about Tokyo Ghoul Root A is that: While it has to focus on it’s story and I genuinely feel attached to the story, as I said, it was never anything spectacular to begin with (though, I like where it’s going) but eventually it felt like there wasn’t anything else to learn about in Tokyo Ghoul. We already know the Ghouls as species and we know the CCG, at least from the outside of it. But there’s still information that I feel can be applied like we don’t really explore kagunes any further than the basic “kagune’s are the weapons of Ghouls and each ghoul has a unique kagune” though, it doesn’t feel all that unique when most of them look very similar. Even the quinques had a more detailed description especially when they are literally just kagune ripped out from Ghouls that the CCG have killed and modified into their personal weapons. 


Well, I’ve gone long enough without talking about the OPs… So, the first OP of Tokyo Ghoul is easily the most iconic thing about this show. I remember first listening to it and I instantly fell in love with the show. This was one of the only scenarios where such a thing happened and I was so glad it did but then the second OP… Oh boy, the second OP. Let’s just say that an OP where there’s basically nothing happening to begin with, doesn’t make for a good OP. The song itself was also in bad taste, I feel. 

That’s pretty much all I have to say on it. Yeah, Tokyo Ghoul can be a bit inconsistent but all in all I think it’s a really good show.

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  1. reviewit says:

    A great anime. The first season is amazing. The second season according to me is just meh. They ended it with too much suspense and need to come out with a season 3 soon!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. theanimeprince says:

      Oh I agree, the ending was a pretty major cliffhanger.

      Liked by 2 people

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