Fire Emblem Heroes: Progress Report #1

I’ve decided that I wanted to do a thing with Fire Emblem Heroes where I occasionally talk about my progress in the game. Let me know if you like it and I’ll consider doing this more often going forward!

fehteamFirstly, this is my current team. I got Fae in my last summons and before I used Nowi. I still use Nowi sometimes, both has their strengths but I am thinking that maybe Nowi is a little more effective and may switch back. For the most part, this is the team I did the story maps with and am currently blazing through story hard mode!

Ofcourse, my best unit is currently Takumi who I got in my very first summons roll along with Effie who is only a 1-move unit but she hits like a nuke directly dropping on top of your head. Not to mention, she is probably one of the best tanks in the game if not the best. I use Hana mostly as an attack rally bot, her attack stat isn’t even that bad but her defensive stats are horrendous! The only real reason I’d ever use her is purely because she has Rally Attack. Some might argue that Sharena is a little bit better at doing that but Hana’s easier to level because she’s already a 4* and I also value Hana’s skills a lot more because Sharena only has speed boosts which is actually useless for a rally attack bot. Hana also has armorslayer as a weapon and as I said before her attack stat isn’t bad and paired with her Life/Death ability, she’s actually really good for taking down armored units even though she’ll generally die right after. Obstruct can also be situationally useful for guarding Takumi. Hana>Sharena.


This is where I currently stand in the arena. I’ve only lost 1 game offensively and that was circumstancial. I’ve successfully defended 5 times and 1 of them even being against someone who had Ryoma which is interesting.

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