Anime Review #18: Mobile Fighter G Gundam

mobilefighter.jpg• Story– ★★★★ Domon Kasshu, the current King of Hearts, a title passed down to him by his master, Asia, was ordered to travel to different countries to challenge the gundams representing their own country. He accepted this job as the representative of Neo Japan alongside his childhood friend and mechanic, Rain Mikamura in order to hunt down his brother, Kyoji Kasshu for betraying him and his family and running off with the dark gundam.

 • Art & Animation – ★★
This score was to be expected as the standards nowadays are much higher than it was before. Though, I wouldn’t consider the art nor the animation to be unbearable, it’s hard to watch. It can be very static sometimes and often has repeated animation. That said, it wasn’t the worst thing for it’s time and still isn’t the worst thing now.

 • Characters-★★★
The characters are fairly predictable in character but are still satisfying to watch. I think the thing this show did best was show each character as individuals which naturally brought out the beauty in their kinship. That being said, I do find flaws in these characters. Especially Rain, who’s intended purpose is to bring romance between herself and Domon but feels more like an unfinished affair and it just makes her feel like a plot device around the end.

 • Personal Thoughts- ★★★★★ (5/10)

In my biased opinion, this show is a classic. However, it has a lot of flaws and with that in mind, It’s not necessarily a classic in my professional opinion but it’s still really good. If this review happened back in the day, it’d be more of a 7/10 but it has not aged well. If you are a fan of popular outdated anime, this show is perfect for you. If you really can’t take old shows, this isn’t an anime I’d recommend. I do love the brotherhood forged between the 4 main characters of this show. They all have different personalities that really underline the story perfectly. The story is as generic as they come but back in the day, plot twists like this were fantastic and still is something I’d watch today.
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