Prince’s speech: Should I make a gallery? Should I open a patreon for 3D Art?

WonderlandV1.png(Your Wonderland)- By The Anime Prince

Hey, I was just messing around and 3D modeling quite a lot. In my free time i’m usually modeling and I cannot tell you how much I enjoy it. 

I will show an example of what I’ve accomplished and to that end, I had an idea that popped up in my head.

For the longest time, I kind of planned to make part of my blog into a gallery for 3D art that I would be doing. Mostly scenes of rather inanimate objects because, as of the time this is posted, I’m still practicing characters. I can model characters and it’ll look fine but I still haven’t found that style or look that I want my characters to have. Not that I won’t improve over time, but my characters aren’t something I’m entirely proud of right now.

That’s when I thought: Maybe I could open a Patreon and do art for paying customers. The customer can tell me exactly what they want and I’ll make it for them.  Simple. Of course, should there would be a lot more detail on the Patreon page but that’s really all there is to it. I wanna know what you guys think. Do you think I should do this? Let me know! 🙂

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