Rwby volume 4: megatheory and analysis. (Massive Spoilers)

Alright, I’m going to start off with talking about Rwby in its entirety. Rwby is a show that starts off very chipper, simple and badass. You get a group of kids that wield amazingly diverse weapons and enjoy their lives as kids! Enamored by the romantic and thematic vision of hunters and huntresses, they lived through their regular lives mostly ignorant to the dark-side of the world. Making jokes to each other, playing board games and having awesome food fights. However, all good things come to an end.rwby-3

The whole point of the first few arcs is supposed to show them in their days as children where they did and said stupid things. Then, it gets serious as the moments of despair sink into the depth of their innocence and childishness. Let’s break this all down:

After the final moments of the 3rd volume we can confirm that we lost several characters, character by the name of: Penny, Roman Torchwick and last, but definitely not least, Pyrrha Nikos.

rwby pyrrha.gif

How did this all affect the current cast of characters? We’ll start with the currently active cast of character AKA the characters that made the last action. These characters are now being called team RNJR( Ruby, Nora, Jaune, Ren). First off, Ruby is the last person who saw Pyrrha before her final moments and also witnessed Penny’s death and Ruby has not been the same since.  How do you think Ruby is doing? Here’s how I think it pans out for her: Ruby was meant to be this glowing ball of light and innocence, childlike and active. I believe volume 3 killed that part of her.

Think of Naruto basically turning into Sasuke. That is essentially what happened to Ruby. She’s matured and she’s gonna be a lot colder, strategic and focused. I do believe she’s gonna be commanding team RNJR but I believe she won’t be the type of leader the team always agrees with. Nora and Ren may ask Jaune to talk with Ruby and sort things out but I doubt Jaune is gonna want any part of the leadership and insists to just listen to Ruby and her rash decisions. Enter Jaune’s character.



Jaune has taken a massive blow with the death of Pyrrha engraved into his mind and he’s taken this as a failure, not only as someone that loved her, not only as a friend and not only as a person but as a leader. Despite Jaune developing as a leader, I doubt he’ll ever want to lead again. Jaune was completely helpless to help someone in his team and he failed in everything he didn’t want to fail in. Both leaders are broken and completely obsolete but are still striving together to save the world in the, roughly put together team, RNJR. There’s still 1 thing I need to talk about with Jaune: What will his story be? I feel Jaune is an accurate representation of the fallen hero. The hero that is supposed to level up after every big encounter. This is why I think Jaune dies. I am not sure if Jaune necessarily dies in volume 4, but I am very sure he’ll die. Every hero needs a villain to slay which is why I do believe Jaune will be developing this volume, in order to slay Cinder. What is the power Jaune needs in order to do this? I believe Jaune is the next guardian. RWBY has a lore on the guardian and how they are supposed to be the hero that everyone needs. Jaune being the guardian is less of a supernatural approach as we know the more supernaturally potent hero is Ruby with her silver-eyes, she has no reason to be the guardian. Though, I believe it’d be brief, Jaune being the guardian does fit his character as his character is inspired by Joan of Arc. Joan was a saint who strived to fight for a better tomorrow and a religious figure that was always loved, that is until she was betrayed; being blasphemously called a “witch” and was burned at the stake. Till the end, she did not falter in her belief. This is why I believe Jaune is the next guardian and he’ll be the one to fight and defeat Cinder and die while believing he’s leaving the world in capable hands.

What about Ren and Nora? I don’t think they’ve changed much, they’ve grown and are hurting, as well but they don’t have the time to be sad. I personally think they are gonna try to remain the same as before the tragic events to try to cheer up Ruby and Jaune. I feel they are gonna be the balance of happiness to contrast all the sorrow.

 Briefly, I am going to talk about other characters and discuss how I think they will end up.

qrowxwinterFirst, Qrow has major death flags. I just don’t think Qrow is a character that’ll last all that long considering the amount of threats there is and how dire the situation is. I predict Qrow will end up dying sooner or later. Who is it he’ll die to? It could be Cinder, Raven, Salem and hell it could be Mercury and I believe Winter will witness his death. I know we’ll get some interaction between Mercury and Qrow because Mercury spoke about him, familiarly enough.  

rwby5Speaking of which, I feel Mercury and Emerald will probably realize how wrong they were in this volume and look to join the good guys, join society. At the end of the day, they’ll likely wanna live a normal life but are gonna end up dying. I doubt they’ll be dying in volume 4 but they’ll start that process. I am not sure on Glinda’s situation but I feel like she won’t be having much attention this volume because I don’t think this’ll be the volume that’s all about finding Ozpin. I think that’s a story that’ll be happening in the background with Qrow and Glinda but not find much other than the information necessary to create the following story for volume 5. As far as the other teams go, I don’t think they’ll be part of the majority of this volume.

As far as the other remnants of RWBY goes:

Yang: Yang is gonna look for a way to regain her strength by seeking a robotic arm but she’ll have to go through the adventure into Atlas. She’ll have to fight through many grimms to reach her objective and with one arm, I believe it may be too much.
Blake: I believe Blake will be the one who’ll find Yang on her way to Atlas, beaten and battered and will give her shelter. I think they’ll have to work through their differerences and once they do, they’ll make their way to Atlas. After Atlas, they’ll look to find team RNGR and save them from a pinch.
Weiss: Weiss will learn to grow by standing up to her family and encouraging them to let her go to save her friends and become a huntress once again.
Ruby: Ruby will be leading team RNGR into a precarious situation where they’ll stand on the brink of losing and will need help from the remnants of RWBY and possibly other parties such as Qrow , Winter and Tai Yeng.

One last theory, I will briefly talk about Summer Rose: It is my strong belief that whatever happened to Summer Rose must have been a great sacrifice. I am sure plenty of people might believe this as well but I don’t think of this so much as a “theory” so much as it is “yet to be confirmed.” As the newly reunited team RWBY and friends defeat the enemy before them, after briefly celebrating, Qrow will tell them about the story of Summer Rose and how she sacrificed herself to shut down someone with great power, someone maybe Salem wants to revive again. In order to do this, she had to seal herself in the Moon which has been broken for awhile now. Why do I believe this? You can find many hints such as lyrics in the songs where they reference the moon watching the roses die, Summer Rose dissipating in air along with the moon in the first opening and the name of Ruby Rose’s weapon is called “Crescent Rose.  Also, the reference that silver-eye warriors are “silver” eyed makes me believe it has a lot to do with unlocking the maximum potential of that power which requires you to sacrifice yourself. I do believe Raven has a lot to do with the final battle Summer fought in and is probably driven to by that sacrifice that Raven is potentially a character that’ll have to be put down for her actions. If you wish, you can look more into this theory to see for yourself as I know you will find more evidence as I am just briefing you on this. I also have a belief that in the later volumes we’ll see an appearance of Summer Rose, maybe revived by Raven. Who knows.

Final note: I do not believe any major characters will die in volume 4. I believe volume 4 is the very start of this story. The chapter 1, in a sense as I feel volume 1-3 was just a prologue. But they’ll be very serious undertones and close calls.

Finally, I will summarize what I think are the important elements for volume 4:

  1. Everyone finds their way again in an adventure that they participate in. 
  2. Reuniting the remnants of team RWBY.
  3. Revelation of Summer Rose’s death.

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