Character Trial 5: Katsuki Bakugō

bakugoKatsuki is a hot-headed and low temper character in the hit show “My Hero Academia”. In a show where a bunch of different characters have different powers, some more useful than others. Katsuki’s power is literally shooting explosions (or at least, as literal as that can get…) which is considered one of the most aggressive and brutal powers in the entire anime.

Katsuki is known for having a headstrong aggressive style when it comes to battle. He isn’t very calculative or calm unlike his rival Izuku Midoriya, though he refers to him as “Deko” and likewise Izuku calls Katsuki “Kacchan”. 

It is thought that Katsuki has rethought his way of fighting after losing against Izuku and has become much more focused in using his power as a hero.

Katsuki’s ultimate goal is to become the strongest hero to ever live, even greater than All Might! Though he doesn’t show it, it is believed Katsuki truly cares about his classmates and wouldn’t turn his back  on his fellow heroes-in-training, even for such a silly thing such as “power”. At least, I hope so…

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