Character Trial 4: Genos


Genos is a half-cyborg super hero in One Punch Man. Considered one of the most highly potent heroes among younger heroes is acknowledged as an S- Rank hero. Until he meets Saitama who he believes is the strongest hero in  the entire world and is taken under Saitama’s wing to learn how to become a better hero. 

Genos used to be completely human but a half-cyborg man aggressively attacked Genos’ home and blew it up. To put it simply, Genos’ parents were murdered but he survived and was saved thanks to a doctor who is skilled at cybernetics. Genos’ was turned into a half-cyborg the moment he underwent surgery to obtain mechanical abilities incorporated into his body. He vows to take vengeance upon the half-cyborg that destroyed his life on that day and he continues to pursue that dream and refuses to die because of it.

Genos’ personality is best described as headstrong and at often times, dense. He is very skilled in almost every department from intellectual and academical subjects to hand-to-hand combat and effectively sound in using his abilities. Though, he feels he’s not strong enough if there’s someone as strong as Saitama.

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