Character Trial 2: Alisha


Alisha Diphda is a heroine in the anime “Tales of Zestiria the X”. She is a Princess of the Kingdom of Hyland. However, she is last in line to take the throne due to her low birth. She has decided that she would instead train to be a knight. She is extremely talented in battle and can become very fierce when pushed to the limit. Her motive is to prevent wars from starting, in order to have as minimal casualties resolving various calamities and dangerous situations that would otherwise cause hundreds and maybe even thousands of casualties.

She is often at odds with the corrupt government in her own city of Ladylake and a misconception that exists is that she is not a knight of Ladylake but a knight of all of Hyland. She would rather not kill her own countrymen, she would rather die trying to protect everyone. She has great appreciation for those she calls her friends and would not hesitate to fight by their side. She uses a Spear, which is generally used for long-ranged slow offense but she is actually very quick on her feet.

“Even between countrymen… is this what war is?”

Alisha Diphda

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