Anime Review Trial: Okami-San and Her Seven Companions


I wanted to do a review of Okami-San for awhile but haven’t had the time especially with a recent blackout in my area. Sorry for my unplanned absence and I plan to make up for lack of… everything. I have been trying to get a project along and to be honest the announcement for it has been delayed till October 10th. The silver-lining is that I’ll be able to release this post and I’ll be announcing what I am gonna be doing on the 1st of October till the project announcement post on the 10 of October. But just to clarify: I will be doing a post every day from the 1st of October to the 9th of October. More information will be given on the 25th of September (2 days).

Truth is: I planned to get things started from the beginning of this month but it’s proved to be a lot more challenging than I thought. Sorry for the wait and glad to be writing again. 😀

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