5 Reasons to watch RWBY and 5 reason you may not want to watch it.

I have kinda wanted to make this post for awhile and I was gonna make it a free-speech controversy but I have something else to talk about later this month so I decided I’ll make this it’s own independent post. With that said, I love RWBY. However, I think a lot of people that would like it are really hesitant towards watching it or even trying it. There are several reasons why I think people would love it and I guess here’s to hoping someone tries it out:


Reasons to watch it:
1. Growth along with the characters

I’m not talking about character development. What is it I am talking about? Imagine back at the 90s you picked up your first Naruto manga and you read it and loved it! Ever since then, you read every single manga Naruto had to offer and even watched the anime on a weekly basis. Now, imagine yourself dedicating all that time to Naruto right till the end and experiencing every hardship that, not only Naruto has gone through, but every other character in the show! The losses they’ve endured, the deaths of your favorite characters and even… their favorite foods? The point is: you feel like that you’ve been through things with these characters even when your not as dedicated as all that. This is a huge chance for you to go through something like that because the storyline regarding RWBY is all about growth. At least, for the first 3 volumes (seasons). These are some worthy characters that you will love or at least like what they bring to the table.

2. Seasonal improvements


This is kind of a weird reason but for me it’s something a lot more personal, I guess. Basically, if you try out Volume 1 f RWBY, you’ll notice flaws in literally everything! The voice-acting, the dialogue and even worse the animation! (outside of fighting animation). Walking alone makes them look like robots. It’s bad. But then, Volume 2 comes along and.. it’s still pretty bad but walking improved tremendously, voice-acting is at a better quality and dialogue improved in terms of how quickly the characters talk. Volume 3, Dialogue is actually good, animation looks professional and remember this isn’t a professionally done anime, this is an indie. It looks amazing to this point and based off of what we’ve seen in Volume 4, some say it is 1 of the best-looking 3D anime and even comparable to a lot of 2D anime in terms of animation. RWBY is continuously improving or the people working on it is continuously improving, is what I should say. You can expect it to look better and better with each Volume that comes out and I am going to be keen on where the people working on this end up because they definitely have talent.

3. Great story line (potential)


This is probably more opinion-based than anything else, but RWBY already has set in motion a grand story line that can go in so many different directions and I believe it’s going in a direction that’ll blow our minds! At the end of the day, I think what RWBY brings best in this story is relatability. As I said before, growth is an important aspect to this show and with growth comes excitement, fun and hope. It also comes with hardships, loss and despair. As we grow in life we all experience all these things and so do they. As such, they’ll mature accordingly and we’ll see changes in their movements, expression and even how they think. I love stuff like this and I think a lot of you would also enjoy this.

4. Creativity

The first thing you hear about RWBY is how creative it is. I personally have not seen a more creative anime thus far. From the character designs to the weapons and the world of “Remnant”. I genuinely feel like the creators made an entirely original world that we’ve yet to even scratch the surface of and can’t wait to see more exploration involved.

5. Combat

If you asked me what anime has the best fight scenes… I couldn’t say because there is so many different ways of doing it. However, my favorite way of doing it is how RWBY does it. It looks so intellectual and athletic yet fast-paced and effective. Each character that fights clearly give it their all and have their own fighting style along with weapons created by they themselves and semblence. A semblence is a personal ability each character has that basically is an extent of their own personalities and is best described as an essence of magical power.


Reasons you may not want to watch it:

1. 3D

Of course, RWBY isn’t perfect especially since it’s not a professionally made anime. However, I am gonna list the reasons I’ve heard for people not wanting to watch it. The first and most obvious is because RWBY is 3D. I’ll be honest I think this reasoning is a bit childish. Admittedly, I am not a fan of 3D anime either. From my experience, if an anime is good you either don’t mind how bad it looks or get used to it. While, it does look unappealing, especially in the first two volumes, I still don’t agree that you don’t try out an anime just because it’s 3D or has 3D elements like CGI.

2. Female lead characters

I am a little on the fence for this reason because I am not sure why this is an actual reason. I’d hate to throw the sexist card because I know people aren’t completely like that but I guess they think it’s overbearing how many girl characters there are in the picture. I personally have no problem with it, I feel like if they forced a male character into the main team of 4 (RWBY), I think that’d be way too force and almost harem-like. So, I personally am glad that the 4 of them is an all female team. I like just having male main characters that are outside of the team.

3. It’s not taken seriously

This seems strange to be a reason but it is. I am not sure if it’s the 2 reasons above combined that this anime isn’t taken seriously but generally it isn’t taken seriously. I also feel people watch the first volume and automatically assume it’s a joke and I guess that’s fair. However, I still don’t agree with it. I mean, I didn’t necessarily take it seriously right off the bat either but the more it grew on me as an intellectual and psychological action-packed anime, the more I realized the potential it has to go the distance.

4. Animation

I believe I briefly went over how terribly shit the animation is the first volume is and still kind of bad the second volume. I can’t really describe how bad it is but all I can say is, as I’ve stated a few times already, this is is not a professionally made anime and while that may not justify it, it is a fact that you should consider when you watch this anime.

5. Dialogue

This is probably the most biased thing I’m gonna say but this is how I feel about the dialogue: while it may start off kind of childish and, well… unprofessional, it fits. The only reason I have for saying this is because this anime has a lot to do with growth and I feel like the dialogue mirrors that well. The dialogue gets better and keeps up with the age of the girls and all other characters. Yes, it starts off rather childish because the characters are quite childish themselves. Think about that when you hear a line from volume 1 and when you hear a line from volume 3.


I am gonna briefly mention something else that may be tingling you about this anime and that is: “Is it anime?” If you ask me, it is. I always questioned this and would refute that RWBY isn’t an anime by definition but honestly that seems kind of silly. I could make a whole post about this but let me summarize  it the best way I can: if it looks and feels like anime, it is anime. RWBY is even streamed by Crunchy Roll and other anime streaming sites so I’ve just about exhausted myself writing this but yeah that’s what I’ve got to say on the matter.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Matthew says:

    I really enjoy this anime. I like how it shows the characters growing and developing their skills and I enjoy the combat. I actually don’t mind having the lead cast as girls. It’s great see them working all the way up to season 4.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This show seems to be popular, although I haven’t watched it yet as I mostly focus on animation made in Japan. I prefer 2D over 3D, but the visuals wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me. If the story and characters are good I can get past CG graphics.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theanimeprince says:

      It’s extraordinarily slow though. Since a lot of it is about the growth they really take their time getting the story running.

      Liked by 1 person

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