“A Critic’s Tyranny” *New Skit* FT. RWBY

Aye my friends! This is a new skit I will be doing for fun and is not serious at all! just me senselessly trashing whatever I choose to trash. Nor does it show my actual opinion of the anime/show I talk about. You guys know I love RWBY! lol. What inspired me to do this was when I see critics literally go way too in- depth and critique every pixel or data that they see. I mean it’s fine to go in- depth but let’s just say there are a few oddballs that actually gave me a laugh hearing how ridiculous some sound. Anyway, enjoy!


Good day lowly peasants! I have decided I would do a REAL review of whatever garbage I decide to review. What do we have here anyway? Oh! I have a picture here of this show called “RWBY”. What? Is that supposed to be abbreviated or something? Does it stand for REALLY WACKY BORING.. uhh… Yuck? Whatever just show the picture unworthy to be seen by my divine eyes!

rwby ruby

Oh GOD! What is that horrible art design?!?! DISGUSTING! First of all her hair is red… WHY IS IT RED! That’s so unrealistic!  Not to mention her eyes.. are SILVER! They are SILVER! You have to be stupid to think…… that in any anime a character would have silver eyes! Like, how unrealistic would it be to have the characters have strangely colored eyes? What? Are the red- eyes reserved for some other character? Get out of here with that bullshit! Her lips are literally just a black line just shot across her face, eyelashes have odd colors too and also she has EYELASHES UNDER HER EYELASHES! WHAT?!?! I really hope God doesn’t look at this because the devil will sense weakness in him and take over… Wait a minute. What’s that behind her? That pict- WAIT! IS THAT GOD FROM FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST?!?! WHY ARE YOU STEALING CHARACTERS?!?! YOU’RE STEALING CONTENT FROM ANOTHER SHOW!!! I CAN NEVER FORGIVE THIS TREASON! THIS IS A HORRIBLE SHOW! HORRIBLE! I demand people to sue! If not, I will sue myself! 0/10 Wouldn’t even watch if a sword was forced into my bowels while sucking down a carton of milk! I should probably mention that this.. character who I do not know is wearing headphones. As far as I am concerned music doesn’t exist in anime because there would be a lot of copyright issues so that’s more like a -1/10 for extremely unrealistic  details that do nothing else but prove how unrealistic this pathetically drawn show is. SEND THIS ONE TO THE DUNGEON!


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  1. FMA plagiarism should not be condoned. I agree with the lowish score.

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