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Sorry for my long absence I’ve just been a little sick is all and I felt I needed to take somewhat of a break, I’ll probably not be very active this month aside from this post, the monthly “free-speech controversy” and maybe do an anime review but anyways I thought i’d finally finish up with talking about the Danganronpa! Let me just get straight to the point.

I loved this game! It’s a bit controversial how the gameplay was for a lot of people but I personally found it to be really fun! Would I prefer this over the other? Not really, I wouldn’t mind they mixed some of this gameplay into main games though, I think that would spice things up a bit. Like, maybe during investigation you would have to go into this “mode”, y’know? More importantly, does the story compare with the rest of the anime despite it being… somewhat of a prequel to the second game? I mean has Danganronpa ever failed before? I am not surprised it was almost as good as the rest. Key word “Almost”. The only issue I had with the story in this particular game was that I felt there was no real loss, if you know what I mean? The characters that did die was not really important. Just seemed like reasons to advance the main character to the next stage and it did that well mind you! I just think the deaths themselves didn’t have any importance. Maybe in the next game (or anime..) it’ll mean something to future characters but as of this game, it didn’t affect me.

I don’t think the gameplay was linear or repetitive at all. Maybe it wasn’t as diverse as people expected but at least it evolved itself little by little and gave you all sorts of new tools to change things up in that same form of play. To be honest, I didn’t care much for the gameplay because we all know Danganronpa to have this power of an evolving story of never-ending mysteries that we continuously have to solve and characters that have deep meaning,connections and diverse personalities and traits that truly matter in the long run. If I had to say anything is that the main protagonist for this game is one of the least interesting characters in all of Danganronpa as she is cliche and whiny. The only interesting thing about her is her relationship with her brother “Makoto Naegi”. Eventually she develops a connection with the other character you play as which is Toko Fukawa and I think this is where her character feels a bit more meaningful and I don’t think it is because of her own actions more so that it was because of Toko’s actions as the much more interesting character overall. Personally I think this is because Komaru’s role in the sequel of Danganronpa is gonna be non-existent or, if so, very small. I bet she’ll just be briefly mentioned or maybe just show up at the end to see her brother. I am getting sidetracked, I apologize.

At the end of the day, I think this is definitely a game worth slamming the title “Danganronpa” on and is a game you should play if you wanna understand certain characters more in- depth and get answers to certain mysteries that you felt may have not been entirely explained.

Stay Tuned!
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  1. Although I am not generally a fan of shooters the game was enjoyable thanks to its solid story and characters. I’ll probably never replay it though because my save file got corrupted after I beat the final boss. I was forced to watch the ending on Youtube.

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    1. theanimeprince says:


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