Anime Review #14: Toradora!

toradora 2

For my 14th review I wanted to do a special one! One that I know a lot of people will recognize and in most cases watched and ended with a positive attitude. That anime is none other then JOHNNNNNNN CENAAAAA! I mean Toradora… Let’s jump to it!


  • Story- ★★★ 

 Ordinary high school guy named Ryūji meets girl named Taiga bla bla bla! I think you get the picture… That said, Toradora is a little more complex than all that. While Ryūji was completely fallen over heels for another girl from school named Minori, he ends up bumping into Taiga accidentally and then… a few misunderstandings occur over a short period of time and they end up making a deal! The deal is they help each other confess their love to crushes. Which is convenient that they’re both best friends with their respective crushes.

  • Characters- ★★★★

Each main character introduced actually represents another stereotypical character. Ryūji simply for being a protagonist set in the high school setting. Taiga is one of the biggest representations of what a “tsundere” is. Minori being that happy, carefree friend that seems to be able to do absolutely anything and everything, Yūsaku is kind of a dense motherfucker yet seemingly popular with the ladies and Ami, although one of the most interesting and sadly unexplored member of the characters, represents the evil bitch that actually likes being friendly with our current cast of characters. Being stereotypical isn’t always a bad thing, in this case it actually was appealing in a sense that the characters were executed right and their relationships tied with each other almost perfectly! The main thing I would like to point out is, while Ami did her job, I feel that they could’ve gone much more in- depth with her character specifically. If it was at all possible without greatly affecting the story or making it better possibly, that would’ve made this one of my favorite anime to date. But with how she ended, she is just mostly lacking for me which is a damn shame because I really liked her. I would like to briefly talk about Yasuko as a side character and how amazing she was! The fact that she was there was good enough for me but she was also a nice comedic relief that didn’t have any real impact on the story but was still very apparent and I found that her character and her connection to all of it was really well executed!

  • Atmosphere- ★★★★★

While the atmosphere isn’t clear from the start, it is what really shines in this anime. All these feelings and emotions that come and go, repeatedly on some occasions, fill the air with all sorts of confusion. You’re gonna typically gonna wanna watch more just to know what happens next and when certain parts reach their climax you just want to freeze yourself in the moment that is occurring before you right now! Not only is the romance aspect just super emotional and enticing but having these group of friends feel this way and then they have to think “What do I do?”. They cry, the other person cries and your crying, it’s all very emotional! It sounds like a lot of drama but ironically, most of the anime is very comedic and upbeat.

  • Soundtrack- ★★★★

This is one of those anime that I didn’t expect a whole lot from to be honest and once again, the soundtrack keeps me going! The music was always on point with what was going on and what was the current atmosphere. The opening was what told me “Keep watching, it’ll get interesting!”. The first one to be clear. The second one wasn’t bad either, I liked it I just highly prefer the first one. 

  • Animation- ★★★★★

The animation here is obviously amazing! I mean, it should be expected but it was almost flawless at all points, some points it was just mind blowing how beautiful it was! Seriously, I know it seems like I am exaggerating but you just have to watch it yourself so you can see, it’s truly magnificent.

  • Personal Thoughts- ★★★★ ★★★ (7/10)

So, you can argue that maybe I am underrating the story aspect but I think I am pretty on point with 3 stars. Simply because, while it was damn well- paced and a decent story, it was really nothing new. We’ve seen this sort of story play out in more ways than one and this one just had my preferred ending is all. Not really only taking points for originality but it just wasn’t fully enveloping. When I say fully enveloping, I don’t mean that I wasn’t completely sucked into the story. Well I am, that’s kinda the point when I say it was something I’ve seen before. But it wasn’t an all complete ending. Sure, the story ended for our 2 main protagonists but we aren’t completely clear with how things were really gonna end for the other characters. Yeah. they are probably happy with how things ended and some really just feel “content” with what’s to come next. But I feel like they deserve more of their own scenic ending, especially Ami out of all of them. As far as everything else is concerned, I think this was a fine romantic comedy that ACTUALLY was romantic! I was really impressed with an actual fucking complete ending to my romantic comedy story that wasn’t nearly as bland either.


Stay Tuned!
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