Free- Speech Controversy: Big Three Controversy

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I am quite late on this and I apologize. I legitimately forgot I was gonna do this lol.
I am gonna try to keep this one shorter than the rest because I know I probably make these a little too long. If you couldn’t tell the next thing I plan on talking about is the controversy on the “Big 3”. It’s pretty early in the morning for me to be doing this but whatever.




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Firstly, sorry if I don’t talk about One Piece as much I’ve only watched about 240 episodes. So, knowing the stories of Naruto and Bleach; I feel more free to criticize and talk about their perspective stories. So, we know that all these anime have their own large fan base and it is well deserved, don’t get me wrong. I have enjoyed all 3 anime from what I have watched and you could say I have my favorite and all but I am a huge fan of Naruto and Bleach, I should really get back into One Piece…

Anyways. the issue is that the opposing fan bases have this strange habit of attacking each other and that’s why this is such a touchy subject; because it was a war that started off very rapidly and it hit the anime community hard! They didn’t care to think “maybe it is worth watching” because they were so biased to their opinion that maybe “Naruto is better” or “Bleach is better”. I don’t understand this behavior, people will tell me “oh the people in the internet is really immature” and I know A LOT of these people are immature, still it’s a very huge amount of people who act this way. 

With that said, let’s go over some things. Do you understand what it means to be a critic? It means you carefully review something you thoroughly watched and understood. A lot of people like to criticize an anime without even watching it and I know a lot of people watch like 3 episodes and then review the anime as if they watched the entire thing! I understand if you post about your “impressions” solely based on those 3 episodes and give your opinion, that’s fine! Just don’t pretend like you know everything that happened in the anime and then quickly judge it. That’s what these fanboys do all the time. They don’t watch either of the anime no matter what, I guess it hurts theirbig3 1 pride way too much… If they do watch it they sure as hell won’t tell anyone about it. Even though it’s not a bad thing to like all 3, in fact that makes you pretty hardcore in my opinion. To watch all the episodes of all 3 of these anime is quite a work-out and shows dedication.

I really don’t want to act like I am fueling this war that should have long passed by now; however, I said earlier that I have my favorite. I am neutral because I like them all but it’s not equally. As much as I love Bleach, I have to say Naruto is my favorite out of them. Simply because Naruto has a more deep and meaningful story that has such a beautiful end to it. To be fair, most of the Naruto movies were completely garbage. Excluding Naruto the Last and Boruto (which were damn good movies!) Naruto non- cannon movies weren’t very good and I liked the non- cannon movies of Bleach a bit more. Nonetheless, I just have a bigger appreciation for the story of Naruto because it has a lot more you can relate with and a lot of great characters that bring their meaning to the table ( with the exception of Tenten). 

That said, I should explain why I like Bleach so much as well. While, the story doesn’t quite compete with Naruto it is still a really cool and badass shounen just like Naruto but this is more… action packed? I guess the better way to say it is that; despite how much action and badassery Naruto delivers to the table, Bleach is like an incredible extension of that if those were the aspects you liked about Naruto. The characters are arguably more consistent. I know a lot might judge me for this but another thing I like about Bleach more so than I do about Naruto is the soundtrack. Bleach’s soundtrack is just SO amazing, I love it! I like some of Naruto’s songs too, just not as many as you would think I’d like.

big3 3The thing is I haven’t talked about what actually bothers me regarding the “big 3”. There are people who immaturely judge the “opposing” anime as if they were in some war, that is expected. There are people who judge these anime too quickly, also expected. The people I disliked the most if those who were so desperate to act neutral. By way of not liking any of them. Look, if you don’t like either of these anime, that is your opinion! Still to the point, you trash talk “narutard” or “bleachtards” because you don’t like    these anime? That’s not really the issue at hand either, a lot of these people say they don’t like it specifically because it’s “not real anime.” What? Saying that it’s not “real anime” or overrated is like saying Dangan ronpa is too complicated to understand or harems/ romance comedy aren’t common enough. Did you even any of these anime? I get cancer every time I hear bullshit like this, seriously.

Here’s a note: Don’t judge anime based on how it looks, sounds or even how it starts. If you’re not interested, leave it alone. If you are interested and you’re just too scared because you think someone is gonna see you and react as if they walked in on you fapping to Boku No Pico, there’s 0 reason to be ashamed for something like this. Like, why? It confuses me all the time…

That’s really all I have to say on the subject. I hope that if you read all this that you made a decision to actually try out 1 of these anime, they are all well worth the watch. Thanks!

Stay Tuned!
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  1. Sounds a bit like when a gamer buys a console and starts to slag off the machines made by other companies. The weird thing is that these three animes are similar. You’d think that enjoying one would make you like the other two as well.

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    1. theanimeprince says:

      True, I understand people will have preferences but there’s a limit to how immature one could be.

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  2. krystallina says:

    I own all of the Naruto manga, but I fell off after the time skip. One Piece I plan on borrowing. I was interested in Bleach, but like One Piece, it’s just too long. It’s too much to collect all three.

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