Anime review 13: We Without Wings! WARNING: **SPOILERS**

we without wings 2.jpg

Hey everyone! I had to take quite a bit of time to make this review as I felt the need to rewatch the anime. Anyhow, I plan to follow this post up with last month’s Free- Speech Controversy tomorrow!

  • Story-  ★★

    Maybe there’s no need to explain the story. The concept of it is something you actually have to learn overtime while watching this anime to, at least, understand where the story is going. For those starting out in the anime, it just just a story about a few protagonists and I guess you could say it follows the standard love story for each protagonist and their respective love interest. I guess I will just come out and say it: They’re all the same person. Each protagonist begins having their own respective days in which they are present. I will go over each of the protagonists personalities later on. Back to the concept of this anime: It’s actually pretty original and creative, it is not something other anime do often, if at all, but I can’t say I liked it. I applaud them for making such an anime intended to be out of the norm compared to the other standard romance comedy/echhi or… harem, I guess? Technically, right?
    Still to the point, it could be something to maybe set up a really good story and twist the entire setting into a different one. However, it doesn’t do any of that; Instead, it is simply used to enhance the character(s) in a way that just centers the focus more on him… them? I think I wasted enough of your time here, let’s move on.

  • Characters- ★

    I am gonna be straight and dump away most of the characters in this show for they are just not important at all. The spotlight is almost entirely on the main character(s). I will go over loosely given title of “Heroine” to all of the female love interests for each respective main character. Basically, all the girls you see in the picture? They are all heroines to the story. However, none of them actually do anything, there’s that final scene where the heroine from the characters’ school side of the story ( Typically called the School Vignette) who’s name is Asuka Watarai who confronts her boyfriend (the male protagonist) about his… issue. I will address that at a later time though (again). Without further ado, let’s talk about the weird shit going on with the main character one by one.
    1. Takashi Haneda( Lord Hawk)- The main protagonists (I guess true form?). All Takashi’s job is to go to school. That is literally all this character does. Aside from being the “outside shell” of the actual character, he doesn’t do much else. Oh yeah, he also is aware of the other characters, yet unaware they are actually taking over his body? It’s confusing but he basically thinks of them as his companions he went on an adventure with and I guess that’s how he is, idk.
    2. Shūsuke Chitose(Eagle)- The character that is present in the afternoon is this silly son of a bitch. I kind of like his personality as a character, but you can imagine as the screen time is sort of split between the characters, he just doesn’t have time to grow as a character. In fact, he’s probably the protagonist with the least amount of screen time. He works at a bar called “Alexander’s” and his job is to make the bills, essentially. He is the most up- beat of all the characters and emits a positive yet standard attitude simply as a male character.
    3. Hayato Narita ( Falcon)- In short, Hayato is a handy man who only takes job during the night time. Specifically because he only appears at night. Because of the fact that he only appears at night, he earned the nickname “Drac” short for Dracula. His job is the same as Eagle’s I guess, to make some money. Although at the same time, he is that intimidating force people have to watch out for at night. Despite him being a good guy, his attitude is very narcissistic and seems very experienced with how the world works during the night time, even though the crowd at that time is indeed very strange.
    4. Yōji Haneda- This is the protagonists’ real name. He is the person changing the channel in between vignettes and doesn’t really come out until he gets a beating from his girlfriend I guess. Yes, his real girlfriend the only one I bothered mentioning ( Asuka Watarai).
    There is also another character who is just suddenly born during Falcon’s presence and takes over the body. I only remember his nickname Garuda and he is by far my favorite character! Watch episode 7 and you will see what I mean, that episode was just so funny! hahaha! He isn’t listed as a main character though… What is that?
  • Atmosphere- ★★★

    The way each “vignette” felt was different from each other. I was impressed at how they can switch the setting and make it all seem very different. The only issue is that a lot of times the show feels… dead. Almost lifeless in all aspect even at times where it’s trying to be funny and all that. It almost felt sad, I don’t know if you ever had that feeling like a certain part is supposed to be meaningful or comedic but it just feels like nothing is happening? I guess that’s the best way to describe it.

  • Soundtrack- ★★

    Really nothing special about the soundtrack. In fact, it’s pretty boring and typical. I just skipped it each time.

  • Animation- ★★★★

    The animation standard for these sorts of anime are pretty high as I always say. Sure, it met that standard but since it’s a standard at this point; I wouldn’t give it much praise.
  • Personal Thoughts ★★★ (3/10)

    The best way I can describe this anime is that it is a gimmick. It has it’s laughs like I mentioned and it had a surprisingly original concept, which I still don’t like. Nonetheless, it isn’t a very good anime. It is kind of a dumb down version of every standard romance comedy sprinkled with a gimmick that is focused on the main character. You could argue that it’s more of a harem, but I prefer not to think about it too much. Most of the characters, especially the supporting characters, have little to no development or even presence in the anime. The only characters that have even a remote amount of development is the protagonist and his “official” girlfriend, also “Phoenix” had quite an interesting presence in the anime that I liked but meh. He didn’t amount to much in the end. The other girls had very little meaning to the point where they are not even worth mentioning and the explanation of how this kid got split personality disorder was very forced. By the way, he has split personality disorder. Go figure. I mentioned his girlfriend had to beat him down to convince him that the characters he is trying to be are just characters from the video game he plays! That was the only point in time I felt like they actually advanced another character past from downright “useless” to ” plot convenience”. I don’t like to think about it’s wrongs though, I like to remember that this anime did make me laugh once or twice and I don’t regret watching it. With that said, let me end this off at… ALL HAIL THE KING!            garuda

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  1. Matthew says:

    I remember watching this anime. It was very confusing at the start up until later when we finally learned about the characters. It was a funny anime. Great review.

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  2. Sounds like a cool idea that could have worked in the hands of a better studio/writer.

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