Anime Review 12: Blue Exorcist!

blue exorcist 2


  • Story- ★★★

    2 Orphans who appear to be twin brothers were raised inside a church and were cared for by the father there. After a few unfortunate events they found out they they were the sons of Satan and they go to this prestigious academy known as True Cross Acadenmy . The son who was able to adopt Satan’s power out of the 2 was Rin Okumura, who is also the protagonist. He starts taking regular classes but has also taken upon himself to do an extra course that would teach him to be an exorcist. Rin’s goal is to ultimately slay his biological father, Satan.

  • Characters– ★★★

    I did not like the way they used the characters in this show particularly because they each filled their roles with such forceful intentions. For example: Rin is the protagonist and so he acted just like how any protagonist would. It was actually this show that reminded me that there are a lot of generic protagonists in a lot of anime, not just this one. However, Rin was the least of my concerns when you think about other characters in the anime. I mean basically his entire “crew” is all that it is in it’s name. A “crew”. They don’t serve any individual purpose except for maybe the love interest which is Shiemi Moriyama and even she plays her role at a very generic level. I do like how they gave them each a reason for being exorcists, but I guess that’s what got me to notice this issue. Because it seemed like we were gonna receive  more from these characters and that they’d be more involved with the story. At the end of the day, they were mostly just a team of cheerleaders. Yukio is apparently the fan favorite for a lot of people and I can’t say that I didn’t like him. However, I feel that he should’ve been a more apparent character. I mean yeah, he is a lot more aparent than anyone in Rin’s “crew”. Nonetheless, I still feel like we didn’t receive enough of Yukio. At the end he gets a little more screen time but that is another problem I may get into later on. By the way, Yukio is Rin’s twin brother.

  • Atmosphere– ★★★

    The anime felt really “upbeat” and that’s never a bad thing. That is, unless it’s supposed to be kind of like Death Note or something. Even in serious situations it didn’t feel that intense.  That part is pretty bad. If I gave you a rundown of what happened in this anime you would probably say “Holy crap! That shit sounds intense!”, but it doesn’t feel that way to me. It’s not only the way the characters were perceived in this anime (I am looking at you Satan.) but just the setting of it all. It made it like it was just a bunch of high-school kids fighting off their bullies. Which, I guess it kind of was but I don’t know. I guess I just wish this anime was a lot more intense and had a darker setting to give the story more depth to it.

  • Soundtrack- ★★★★★

    I have to admit the music in this anime was amazing! It doesn’t suit the anime perfectly, but it does work out. More importantly, each song was just brilliant! I think it was the reason I kept watching this anime. I don’t even skip the openings every time I watch this!

  • Animation- ★★★★

    At first glance the art style may seem unattractive and the animation seems standard. However, I actually think this was a decently created anime. I think it definitely deserves that credit and there are some beautiful moments in the animation I am sure most watchers didn’t miss.

  • Personal Thoughts- ★★★★ (4/10)

    My thoughts on this anime is probably the same as my thoughts on Sword Art Online. It had quite a lot of potential and it still does. Even though they are giving us this colossal story-line, I feel like they dumb it down way too much to make it seem like just another high school stereotypical anime with a supernatural twist to it. The only reason I bothered reviewing this anime instead of SAO was because of the fact that this anime doesn’t have as much potential as SAO. Therefore, it reached closer to it’s pinnacle. Originally, I thought that what the anime needed was just more time. That it seemed rush, that isn’t the case. It’s just because it was meant to be one of the generic sorts of anime that just got a little more hype than most. What I hate the most is the fact that there isn’t much character development! There wasn’t anything meaningful, at least not as meaningful as it would have been if the show decided to give us more time to care about certain aspects and characters. What character development there is, it was just thrown out into the anime and never really…well, developed! Oh! “This guy had a pretty bad past… yeah, that’s why he’s uh… here. Y’know? Anyways, back to Rin’s training!” “Okay, can we explore of this characters’ past?” “Too busy with Rin’s training and stuff”. I dislike that. I know a lot of it is considered backstory. But don’t give backstory to a character that is essentially meaningless throughout the entire anime. That is a waste of time. The end of this anime really bugged me because it was obviously the most intense part of the anime, Yet, I feel like I am watching a somewhat good episode, just not anything that should be considered a “Finale”. Not to mention, Satan was a disgraceful character. When you give a character the name “Satan” and it ISN’T a joke. I expect ruthlessness, invincibility, monstrous and above all else, cold to the very core of his being. I understand when you try to bring emotion and meaning to certain characters. But that’s why you should focus on the characters that are more likely to carry these aspects.I think I am done. Sorry I went on a bit of a rant there.

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  1. TPAB~ says:

    Lol, i think SAO is actually morw overhyped than this one. And i dunno, i think there is enough character development here. I mean, even the father of the two is so wonderfully developed. This priest had more personality than any of the flashy character in SAO imo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theanimeprince says:

      I also liked the father. Probably my favorite character. But talking about him sprinkles a bit of spoilers. So…yeah.


      1. TPAB~ says:

        But he is just one of the beautiful example of strong characters in the anime. Yoi mentioned this anime lacks good characters. It doesn’t. The main characters personal struggle alone is full of character development, and his seemingly one dimensional brother turns out to be more than that.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. theanimeprince says:

        Aside from the one backstory everyone gets, There isn’t much. Shiemi gets an episode or 2 to herself but honestly I just do not like her. The rest of crew being: Ryuji Suguro, Konekomaru Miwa, Renzo Shima (basically the 3 stooges) and also Izumo are mostly just a cheerleading group dedicated to cheer Rin on. That’s how I see them really.


      3. TPAB~ says:

        It’s enough really. It captures the shounen feel, but it’s balanced enough to feed drama in the plot. Obviously it gets better in the manga, but even a damn cat gets fleshed out. C’mon.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Great review. Honestly, if you read the manga it is way better. I dolike the anime but the manga gives you more depth on the characters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theanimeprince says:

      I do not care for the manga. 9/10 times the manga will be better than the anime adaptation. However, I do not include the manga nor do I account them for any reviews I do solely on the anime.


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