Anime Review 11: Parasyte the -Maxim-

parasyte 2

I legitimately forgot I had to do this! lol…
Anyways, good… night guys I am finally doing this review. It’s night time for me, so yeah.

  • Story-★★★★ 

    The story is about one male who is kind of a wuss to begin with that gets infected by a tiny parasite on his arm. Fortunately, this parasite wasn’t able to successfully take control of his brain. Instead, he has somewhat fused into his body and has taken his hand as it’s host as that was the closest part of the body he could take control of in order to survive. The boys’ name is Shinichi and the parasite goes by the name “Migi”. Shinichi doesn’t really know much about this parasite and is unaware of what to do. Long story short, he has to go through several challenges to survive all the trouble this parasite brings to him; as well as protect the ones he loves while doing so. The only issue is that they both think in completely opposite of ways. 

  • Characters-★★★★ 

    The characters focused on this anime is Shinichi and Migi, mostly. They both easily have the most character development in the entire anime. That said, it’s not like they threw the other characters out the window and used them for plot convenience. To be more specific, its like they develop the characters till they are at least good enough  to develop the story and then they sort of throw them away. Which is completely fine, it’s not like the way Akame Ga Kill was done. This was actually done well and they covered it up brilliantly. I guess the characters truly describe the objective that every character should have an “objective” that they each should accomplish in the anime. That said, no real character was anything special. Nobody to point out really aside from the character Reiko Tamura or Ryoko Tamiya, if you will. She was by far my favorite character out of them all.

  • Atmosphere-★★★★★ 

    I think the most iconic thing about this anime is how it feels! It has this very strong emotional tone that you just somehow relate to. Generally it has this soft psychological tone that is very serious and at some points it becomes very strong to the point where it is just filled with despair. Also, I guess the relationship between Shinichi and Satomi Murano sometimes bring a lot of romance aspects into the fray. It was very intense whenever it needed to be and it also had a nice and friendly aura to it outside of that intense psychological atmosphere. It feels right at home with the characters, dramatic aspects of the story and pacing of the anime.


  • Soundtrack-★★★★


          I was expecting the soundtrack to be very poor. At least before starting the anime. After hearing the opening theme, I fell in love with that song. It alone was perfect for this anime. It suited this anime perfectly! Like skin and bones. It managed to even give more meaning to the anime and kind of made me reevaluate some things in life. In a way maybe that had some fault in why I did not appreciate the entirety of the soundtrack. It seemed so glorious and spectacular that I was kind of disappointed in the rest of the soundtrack. Every time I tried listening it to it I don’t really think it isn’t unappealing to my taste. In fact, I probably think that it could’ve been very good were the soundtrack for an anime similar to this one, just not this one. I came to the conclusion that maybe it was because of the opening. Nonetheless, I can safely say that the soundtrack is something people will generally appeal to when watching this anime. Don’t quote me on that.

  • Animation-★★★ 

    I know a lot may disagree but I didn’t find anything spectacular in the art or animation. It’s always nice to have that more original art style compared to other anime and the animation definetly wasn’t bad by any means. It just was not special to me in any way. Well, it’s not like it wasn’t “special” but it is more accurate to say that it didn’t entirely affect the delivery of the story.

  • Personal Thoughts-★★★★★ ★★★ (8/10)

    At the end of the day, this anime got a lot of hype didn’t it? It is definetly a good anime, I sure as hell loved it. I just always wonder if I ever considered this one to be overhyped? Because its one of those times that I think an anime that was hyped before release was definetly good! I can’t say I have much of a complaint. At the same time, I feel like maybe the hype was overboard? Anyways I guess the only thing I really would like in the anime is for at least a few of the characters became more relevant with the internal story. It felt like Shinichi  had to deal with all this pressure all on his own and didn’t really have anyone to back him up on that. I usually don’t like anime where it just seems very lonesome in a way, which is something I am going to go over in one of my later anime reviews. Other than that, I was squeamish to this anime at first, I eventually didn’t care about that though. So, yeah I got over it.

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  1. I really enjoyed this anime. The studio did a good job of modernizing the series given that the original manga is fairly old.

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