Anime Review Trial: Danganronpa The Animation!

danganronpa animation

It’s a new day! (It’s a new day…) It’s a new gener- OH! no no no… moving on…

Anyways! I did mention that I updated the format in how I will be doing the Anime reviews, so I wanna get another Anime Review out as soon as possible! I should have it up by tomorrow. By the way, this is just me letting you know I will be doing one soon and I just went from “Anime Review Coming” to “Anime Review Trial”. All in all, I am excited! I hope you guys like it and understand it just as well as the previous one, if not, better.

The next review will be on Danganronpa: The Animation! I am still doing the reviews( more like fanboyish rambling) on the games in my Gaming Page “Royalty Gaming“. I could link them all but I am too lazy, find them yourself! xD Err… You can just search “Dangan ronpa” in the search bar below…

With that said, I will leave this here and go uh… Do my normal daily activities, I guess…

Stay Tuned!
The Anime Prince ruby rose 37

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  1. I wonder what you will make of the show. Some people hate it, but I thought it was okay. Better than other video game animes, even if it has to rush through its story.

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